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Chris Stuckmann names every single blu-ray in his collection!

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  1. Chris, you have more blurays than me and my girlfriend combined with everybody I know combined.

    That’s a lot of combined people!

    Very impressive collection and you’ll probably double and even triple that in the coming year. At this rate, you’ll build a house made of blurays!

  2. Wow. I rarely ever buy movies. I go to the movies twice a month but I rarely every buy movies. 😀 I think that I only have like 20 DVDs and about 7 movies (mostly musicals) on my ITunes. Also, thanks for bringing attention to Dinosaur. That was one my favorite movies as a kid. I don’t have it anymore 🙁

  3. Just three thoughts. ^_^

    Agree with you on “Oculus.”

    You own “Let Me In,” assuming you’ve seen it. I haven’t seen that, I only saw the original “Let the Right One In” in Swedish. Still need to see the American remake….but kind of afraid to because the original was so good.

    On the horror movie “Spring,” Count Jackula and the Horror Guru saw it. They said it had some interesting/promising ideas especially in the “monster girl romance,” but the execution was clunky. Kind of want to see it still…

  4. lilith_ascennding

    Damn, and I thought I had a large DVD collection XD. I totally agree with Good Will Hunting, Forrest Gump, Monster’s Inc., and Donnie Darko by the way-all amazing films. Though I would highly, HIGHLY recommend you buy/watch Night of the Hunter, the 1955 suspense thriller. It’s the only film directed by acclaimed actor Charles Laughton and stars Robert Mitchum, Lillian Gish, and Shelly Winters. It’s incredibly well acted, the story is super engaging and frightening, the music is wonderful, and the cinematography and lighting are to die for. There’s a reason this movie is my favorite movie of all time, and it’s because this film is the pinnacle of what the perfect movie aspires to be. I don’t know if Criterion has it on Blu-Ray, though I do know that it’s on DVD. In any case, you seriously need to watch this film. It is by far the most underrated classic of all time and should be viewed/owned by any and everyone who calls themselves film buffs.

  5. I didn’t see Bambi, Big Hero 6, Dumbo, Cinderella, Dirty Dancing, Dodge Ball, Frankinweiner, Frozen, Greese, Ghost, GHOSTBUSTERS!!!, Lake Placid, Legend, The Last Unicorn, Men in Black, Robin Hood men in tights, Snow White, True Lies, Young Guns 1&2 in that list. Those are at least the ones that stood out to me that I can think of without comparing your collection to my own. I can think of several more I own not on that list but I have young children so we have a lot more younger movies like Tinker Bell and Thumbilina. I have mine databased so I know we own over 600 approaching 700 titles. It would probably be bigger but neither of us like horror or romance so that cuts the options down a little. Missing a few Disney movies too, but only because they are so overpriced when they come out, like Snow White and Bambi.

    I actually recognized about 85-90% of those movies.

  6. Predator 2 was the best of all the Predator movies.

  7. Hey Chris… owning Blurays is like… friggin uncool. Come back if you got a VHS or Laserdisc collection.

    Friggin moron, can’t make faces and now this.

  8. The Mysterious M

    You named yours. Now I’m gonna name mine. In no particular order. Well…that’s not true. The order I have them on my shelf.
    First, the collections:
    *The Harry Potter Collection
    *Breaking Bad: The Complete Series
    *Deadwood: The Complete Series
    *The Planet of the Apes saga (all of the original films)
    *The Jurassic Park collection (excluding Jurassic World)
    *The Hobbit Extended Edition trilogy
    *The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy
    *The Star Wars saga
    *Kill Bill double-feature
    *The Family Guy Star Wars trilogy
    *Grumpy Old Men/ Grumpier Old Men double feature

    Now, everything else:
    *Blazing Saddles
    *The Birdcage
    *Sunset Boulevard
    *The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    *Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
    *Into the Woods
    *Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining
    *Tropic Thunder
    *The Princess bride
    *Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    *The Sorcerer and the White Snake (great Chinese film)
    *The Grand Budapest Hotel
    *Red Cliff (another foreign film from China, and one my favorite films of all time)
    *Stephen Sondheim’s Company (a filmed stage production)
    *Shrek the musical (another filmed stage production)
    *The Nightmare Before Christmas
    *The Hunt for Red October
    *Tim Burton’s Batman
    *The Big Lebowski
    *The Blues Brothers
    *Hocus Pocus
    *Les Miserables

    • The Mysterious M

      CRAP! Forget, I had to put some on my DVD shelf because I have so many:
      *Les Miserables: the 25th anniversary concert
      *The Wicker Man (the original, not the Nicolas Cage remake)
      *Mrs. Doubtfire
      *South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut

  9. I thought I had loads… *Looks at 4 shelves of DVDs behind me :S I have a couple that you have, but some odd films, best has to be “Dinoshark”. I got it for a £1 in a HMV sale and was worth every penny. I do have a film called “Kill Zombie!” that I also got for a pound but haven’t watched yet.

    I might review some of my more obscure films in my collection.

  10. Ahhh! Oh My God, buy food and clothing or basic necesseiies or something.

  11. Chris just how do you pay your bills or taxes, income taxes, mortgages, jewelry, sending money to your parents of family and stuff like that and but other, is this what you will be doing for the rest of your life, just being an online critic/reviewer movie junkie? Seesh I believe that I had some friends from Kingsborough Community College and invitied them to my apartment room for a while, and since this is Brooklyn, New York City where people are poorer and more practical as hell or even fuck they would be impressed by my “vast extensive” collection of movies and will start to judge me, luckely I have your video review to show them otherwise if they doubt me about professional people like you.

  12. How the hell will you have time in your lifetime to watch all these mooooooooooooooovies!

  13. ?. Also how do you live with your yourself Chris with the fact that Youtube commentors discovered that you don’t possess Scarface and The Ghostbusters on BluRay, how f…ing dare you don’t have those? Anyway here’s what you don’t seemingly possess on BluRay. Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Fantasia/Fantasia 2000, Frozen, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame a few other miscellaneous titles like oh I don’t know perhaps freaking Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, Citizen Kane, Gone with the Wind, The Great Dictator, World War Two Cinematic stuff which every moviebinge junkie should know and possess oh and Spaceballs that’s it.

  14. Silent Wind of Doom

    Whelp, that’s why you wait until a video is over to yell at someone. You said “Goldeneye” and every bone in my body was ready for you to say “Goldfinger” next. Then that moment didn’t come, and I was prepared to rant and rave, doubly so when there was no Y movie, meaning there was no You Only Live Twice. Then you got to the end and had the box set. Good show, old man.

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