Compounding the Error – WTFIWWY Live

This week: customers at a fast food drive thru get dinner and an x-rated show, an all points bulliten for the Mystery Machine and when DIY meets the DMV the cops aren’t inclined to MYOB…

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  1. Grady is apparently a Popple

  2. Hardee’s is in no way romantic; and neither is a Hardee’s parking lot.

    “Hash brown grease” – Thanks, Tara. You just made me puke my pants.

  3. Captain Speedbump

    Here’s a handy way to tell if someone claiming to be a professional hitman is an undercover cop:


    I suppose there might be assassins who work exclusively for the Mafia or CIA or what have you, but the idea that an ordinary person-off-the-street could eventually find and hire a person who supposedly kills people for a living is a myth that really doesn’t make sense if you were to stop and think about it. They would be caught waaaaaaay too easily. There are no hitmen for hire for regular people.

    Soooooo, yeah. Murder isn’t the answer. Sorry if I dashed anyone’s hopes.

  4. maybe there’s more than one mystery van rolling around cali? or the cops are looking in the wrong place or she then switch to kitt from knight rider XD

    fucking chucky cheese!
    Tara killing it tonight with the puns XD

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