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It’s nostalgic commercials on the march, let’s see how many of them screwed us up when we were little!

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  1. Dammit, Canada
    This madness has to stop

    • truth is most canada’s commercials are useully just like the us but back in the late 80 to 90s we had a few dumb psa’s. the only one that i remember ever seeing was the don’t put it in your mouth one with the blue puppets and even when i was a kid i found them creepy. but most of are commercials are normal and sane and this commercial in this review i never saw in fact i think it was banned cause it gave people and children nightmares.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Ayds is a chocolate brand I never thought would exist but if it doesn’t cause Ayds then I have no problem(but the title of it alone needs to be changed). Love the video especially the don bluth cameo people really should donate to the kckstarter and I bet Doug already has. Most of these though I was unfamiliar with(probably cause I’m a millenial) and its interesting to see what happens in all of them. Ive seen the pokemon ad and personally Doug I know adults who like pokemon(but I wasn’t that mad at that joke). Also why are you seriously making fun of Canada what have they ever done to you and I hope brandon Tenold(a fellow producer of the site) or any other Canadians get mad at you. The only part I didn’t like was the cliff hanger which probably was Don Bluth wanted you to donate to the dragons lair movie but if it’s not then I can’t wait to see what it is(also I hope this video enspires people to donate to the kickstarter seriously people this needs to happen so just donate PLZ!!!)

  3. Did anybody but me realize that was a young Mila Kunis in that last commercial

  4. Were those sausage sticks in the mini-wheats bowl?


  6. I’d like to see a Bionicle Commercial in there.

  7. There’s no way he’s doing a crossover with Don Bluth next week…

    Is there?

  8. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    lmao at bedtime barbie.

  9. Josh Mostel isn’t the biggest Pokemon fan, I take it…


    I feel the way about the commercial episodes as you do about Christmas.

  11. Apparently, it’s Doug’s birthday today, so Happy Birthday!

    This was certainly a lot more fun than his review of Hocus Pocus, mainly because he actually used the formula he perfected RIGHT this time and used clips. When you do that AND use live action skits, you get legitamately funny jokes. Also, I CANNOT believe they got the actual Don Bluth to cameo in this.

  12. As awesome as those Randy Savage commercials were, I personally don’t care much for SlimJims themselves. I much more prefer fresh venison sticks from the local butcher.

  13. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    Doug, they did recognize the ays product name. It used to be spelled aids in the 70’s when it launched

  14. What, are you planning a Bluthcember? Or Anastasia review? Once upon a Bluthcember… It’s an Anastasia review followed by Bluthcember, isn’t it?

  15. It’s tough to say whether or not this is better or worse than The Quickening, but I do remember The Fourth One getting more laughs out of me than this one. Maybe it’s just because I’ve caught on to Doug’s style and I’m always expecting him to do better than before. Still, for what it’s worth, this was still better than his “review” of Hocus Pocus.

  16. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    Dude I got into pokemon when it came out as a junior in highschool. the games are fun, anime, not so much.

  17. for food fucks and fun

    what are they actually saying?

  18. Yes!!! I love your commercials-videos!!

  19. It’s surprising just how much Charisma Don Bluth has even just standing there saying nothing. I am impressed.

  20. We Canadians actually had a series of “accident” commercials. Another one I can remember is about a fork lift driver in a warehouse with the commercial ending with him backing into a large shelf and the whole thing collapsing on him.

  21. Segata Sanshiro will appear in the video game Project X Zone 2 coming out in February 16 2016 for 3DS

  22. Please don’t have him review An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. I like that one.

  23. Dragon’s Lair was before my time, but I found out about the game from the AVGN’s review of the crappy NES game and bought the original game on Steam and absolutely loved it.

    Food, fucks, and fun… That sounds like an ideal day to me!

    Lex Luthor needed to know the secret of Superman’s peanut butter in order to enhance the flavor of the forty cakes he stole!

    I’m going to Japan early next year, and am totally getting one of those train conductor Pikachus! Also, it’s strange that The commercial that looked like the end of Pokemon in the west was advertising what was the beginning of the franchise in Japan!

  24. Is it just me or does that girl from the Telephone Tammy commercial look like Mila Kunis?

  25. (Brad appears) Did somebody say Caligula?

  26. I thought you said last week pokemon was fine. Then before that, you said it was bad. This would have been perfect if not for that. Don Bluth? Why didn’t Kirbopher come and beat you up? Screw you.


    Don Bluth! You actually achieved the power of getting one of the greatest animation directors of all time to appear in your video! My mouth in dropped and my arms are waving in the air! HELL YES! Thank you Doug! 🙂

  28. I wish I also had an I (Doughnut) Doughnuts t-shirt.

    • I love how in the opening, you like things to get going, and I love fast pace comedy.

      I never heard of Showbiz Pizza Place (BTW, that a weak as Hell name for a restaurant), but I am familiar with Dragon’s Lair, thanks to The Nerd.

      I remember the TalkBoy being advertised on TV sometime after Home Alone 2 was released on video in 1993. …God, I feel old. Also, you missed the perfect opportunity to do a “SCARY SLO-MO!”

      If I ever take a shower or bath the way the people in the Zest commercials do, that mean’s I probably the happiest man on Earth.

      This “Uh oh, Spaghetti-O’s” commercial is the only one I can reacall seeing whenever I see a can(s) of them at my local grocery store.

      I remember my 5-years older than me sister getting a Bedtime Barbie, and I ALSO remember it didn’t last very long for reasons I never got until now. BARBIE: THE PRO-LESBIAN DOLL!

      At least Ronald McDonald looks less threatening than the Burger King.

      Poor Jerrod and Bill Cosby.

      I remember seeing “AYDS” being talked about on VH-1’s I Love the 80’s, and I still find it unintentionally hilarious to this day. I mean seriously, what the Hell were these marketing guys thinking?

      I’d like to see a fight between Segata Sanshiro and the duo of Mario Mario and Luigi Mario.
      13:03- Iron Man did that better in The Avengers, but whatever.

      I also remember seeing the TV spots for A Troll in Central Park when it was being released, and saying to myself, “I’m not seeing that girly shit.”
      …George Lucas is a swear word?

      God, I remember when Power Rangers were advertised everywhere the same way Ninja Turtles were before them, and as a Power Rangers fan from the very beginning, you better believe I was hooked in.
      BTW, the bully you played in the skit should have been either Bulk or Skull.

      I’m happy to know that I grew up pass the time when Superman had his own peanut butter. Instead I grew up when Batman had a Bat Credit Card.

      I don’t remember the Frosted Mini-Wheats ads of adults bringing out their inner children, and it’s propably because I’m more into the talking Mini-Wheats with arms, legs, and eyes.

      It was from when Pokemon: The First Movie was being released in theaters to about the first half of the 2000’s when I was into Pokemon, but when they were coming up with new Pokemon (from 150 to over 700 right now), I left the craze to the true fans like Linkara, Suade, and so on.
      Oh, and Critic, based on your retooling of this ad, I can say that you are a sicko with no heart.

      I remember seeing the ads for the Super Nintendo, but I wasn’t into video games at that point.

      Thanks for giving me a nightmare tonight, Canada. It truly makes up for the rape whistles and creepy looking puppets.

      There’s no doubt that I remember The Macho Man Randy Savage promoting Slim-Jims, and … pretty much still enjoy eating them from time to time to this very day.

      I never heard of Telephone Tammy, and it’s probably because I have testicles.

      I wonder if Doug’s gonna do a “What You Never Knew” or “Was That Real?” on one of Don Bluth’s creations.

  29. Fun Fact Segata just came back in Project X Zone 2. A crossover videogame. He is a character in it. The game is coming out in February in the West.

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