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It’s nostalgic commercials on the march, let’s see how many of them screwed us up when we were little!

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  1. Jeez, Nostalgia Critic! You sometimes scare me with how dark your personality and thinking is.

  2. That Canadian ad makes the other two look tame. Jesus Christ, how drunk were they on maple syrup when they came up with that crap?

  3. Wow. You’re salty about Pokémon AND Canada. That’s not something I expected to be together.
    One, if you’re brave enough to vlog all of Gravity Falls, Legend of Korra, and Steven Universe, then you are NOT allowed to judge Pokémon without trying it first.
    Two, we here in Canada make those commercials so that people are safer and are less likely to hurt themselves. Why do you think our yearly death rate is so much lower than in the U.S? Yeah, they’re over-the-top, but they have to be in order to get the point across.
    Three, the country isn’t completely useless. We have Celine Dion to compensate for JB, have Ryan Reynolds, the already mentioned Michael J Fox, AND Leslie Nielsen to make up for good acting, and have a fully-functioning health care system.

  4. Judging by that To Be Continued part, my guess he’ll review another Don Bluth film, like Thumelina or Titan A.E.?

  5. I still have my Power Ranger gloves.

    Does anyone find the suicide jokes in poor taste?

  6. This was hilarious. I was laughing at every commercial because of the Nostalgia Critic’s reaction to these commercials. I loved the fact that he included the Randy Savage Slim Jim Commercials. Those commercials were awesome and you can check them out on YouTube. A terrific video as usual.

  7. Shameless plug:

    Segata Sanshiro’s appearing as a playable character in the upcoming 3DS game “Project X Zone 2”.


  8. yeah i still didn’t like the pokemon part since i know he doesnt like it but still has he even tried the game in feb the original get will be on virtual conson he should give it a try.
    The other thing that pissed me off about this video is that now because those canadian commercial now we will be considered as the most mess up peoples…I when i was a kid the only one i saw was the putting in your mouth one and the 2 others were too freaking recent, i did saw some good commercials when I was a kid that if Doug ask me I can search for all the good one made in canada or in quebec that are funny or awkward and not mess up!

    the rest of the video was funny and good, i was like wait wait wait a min since at the start of the video it was foreshadowing him to pop

  9. Don Bluth vs Mara Wilson

  10. Yeah, we Canadians are pretty sick…

  11. I handle grease and hot water in a kitchen too so that canada psa is terrifying to me.

  12. This one’s filled with psychological trauma! First, the creepy dad, then Don Bluth judging you, and then holy Sleepaway Camp! That chef burning herself with all that boiling liquid!! No amount of Zest-fully cleaning would wash all that away!

    Lesson from Frosted Mini Wheats: just don’t grow the fuck up and be man-children and women-children forever. *cough*

    I have no idea why Mattel thought that a soft-bodied Barbie to sleep with was a good idea; it’s bad enough how the 3 ft Barbies were easily in danger of defilement :/ Like dude, there are legit sex dolls out there (soft-bodied and all).

    Wouldn’t it be funny to use Talking Tammy to play that Dream Phone game? Maybe it’s just me.

    Damn, if only Segata were around to save Santa Christ from Bob Hoskinsio and John Luigizamo… Also: pretty cool that he got Sakura Shinguji as his waifu!

  13. ow that pokemon one hurt my head i remembered that commercial from years back but sorry doug i know it was after your time but it was hard to wrap my head around that whole thing of you hating it it is popular even today and i am 25 but i guess it would be like someone older than you hating transformers

  14. Wait a minute…was that Mila Kunis in the talking Tammy commercial?

  15. Overall, a pretty funny video and man, I cannot wait for the Don Bluth review (I hope its Titan A.E. but I’d be fine with Anastasia also)! But some of the stuff was kinda mean spirited (I liked Home Alone 2 quite a bit, also liked Spaghettios growing up, and while i did grow up with Pokemon (cards, video game, and TV show) and eventually out of it, your rant against it was needlessly harsh, dude. As for the Canada ad….YEESH! I’m gonna have nightmares tonight :-(. (My apologies if this sounds like an angry fanboy rant. Meant to be constructive criticism instead. Just expressing my opinion also. Either way, looking forward to the next review!

  16. Wow, I never knew how much you hated Pokemon. O.o

  17. What the fuck? what is up with the Canadian PSA! Seriously, I was really upset by that.. .that… that… that was horrible.

  18. Wow Doug, that’s… kind of bitter and petty how you were taking those potshots at Pokémon there, really mean-spirited to rewrite the ad.

    And also the Canada PSAs do seem pretty brutal, but sometimes you need to be to shock people out of complacency and make them confront hard truths, although the message itself in that case wasn’t really communicated well.

  19. I swear, I thought that was just a still of Don Bluth and they were gonna make the lip flaps, like so many other videos. When he spoke, I was actually surprised.

  20. Just think of Pokemon as our generation’s TMNT, Critic, and it makes a bit more sense 😛 It’s not a perfect comparison, but makes the point well enough.

    Also, Canada: What. the actual. Fuck. What was that even about?!

  21. DUDE! I thought I remembered seeing Segata Sanshiro somewhere recently, so I dug through my comic collection and confirmed he had a cameo in Sonic the Hedgehog #269! He’s in the first round of a Martial Arts tournament where he loses to Sonic and “feels no shame in this” it would seem that to Ian Flynn and the rest of the archie comics staff no mere atomic bomb in space can end the legacy of the great Segata.

  22. You know, giving the fact that the whole talk about the dislike of Pokemon was probably to play up his enjoyment of the dark aspect of the commercial… Its still stupid to say, giving he grew up in the 80s and with the shows he watched that was probably everywhere. All I’m saying is there are probably more kids yelling “Cowabunga!” or “Yo, Joe!” and annoying their parents or any other adult than anyone saying “Pika! Pika! Pika!” or mimicking any other pokemon. And really… You’re acting like every parent/adult wasn’t like this when stuff like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Transformers or whatever else becomes popular.

  23. oH mY gOd, that lady in the Canadian commercial had such a blood-curdling scream OmO

  24. I don’t really care that Doug hates Pokemon, what I don’t like is him acting like every adult feels the same way about Pokemon as he does.

  25. Skits damage the experience, slowing the train down amd 95% of time they are not funny (except for the noosw part). Don Bl-something was repettetive and annoying, like hammered down pop up you try to get rid of, but it doesn’t have an «X». All the other stuff is grrrrrrreat.

  26. Don Bluth came out of hiding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Doug, seriously? You attack things like Goosebumps, Pokemon, Power Rangers, My Little Pony…all amazing things that a lot of people treasure and adore…yet YOU gush over Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and other shows that are JUST as equally obnoxious or in-your-face as the things you mock? What a damn hypocrite. I’m 24, and I will ALWAYS love Pokemon. Screw your “adults always found it annoying” bullshit. My mother, to this day, still knows how much I love it and she finds it cute, not annoying. You’re just exaggerating for your own life experience…which I’m guessing just involved a few of your adult friends that you had around college that told you “Pokemon is annoying” and you went with that. So annoying.

    I get that it’s your opinion and you’re exaggerating a little bit, but it’s still really rude and you really do sound like a damn hypocrite. How about all those vlogs you make on YouTube to push Gravity Falls and Steven Universe in our faces? Totally not annoying, right? Right.

  28. What the hell was that PSA even about? It says there are no accidents…so is it telling us to beware assassins? Insurance fraud? Evil family members-in-law, what? What the fuck Canada?!

  29. Doug, did you take some Tijuana marching powder before making this video?

  30. Wow, that voice changer is the first commercial you’ve covered that I actually saw on TV!

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