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It’s nostalgic commercials on the march, let’s see how many of them screwed us up when we were little!

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  1. Very funny NC.
    Here’s more Segata for you :

  2. Hey, are you the real Nostalgia critic?

  3. Actually, Doug, Ayds did change their name because of AIDS, then dropped it altogether.

    “By the mid-1980s, public awareness of the disease AIDS caused problems for the brand due to the phonetic similarity of names. While initially sales were not affected, by 1988 the chair of Dep Corporation announced that the company was seeking a new name because sales had dropped as much as 50% due to publicity about the disease.[3] While the product’s name was changed to Diet Ayds (Aydslim in Britain), it was eventually withdrawn from the market.”

  4. That little girl talking to the toddler doll on the phone. Is.. is that Mila Kunis?

  5. I’m one of the people who yelled at him for being mean spirited in Hocus Pocus. So believe me when I say this: people whining about Pokemon are off base. He was making fun of Pokemon. Not once did he make fun of the fans. He even went out of his way to say he wasn’t making fun of the fans at the start. He just was talking about how annoying Pokemon ads were to him, and how he thought they might have actually killed them off–meaning they would stop being advertized.

    The problem with both the Hocus Pocus and Matrix reviews is that he made fun of the fans. He keeps making up ridiculous strawmen to represent the fanbase of things he doesn’t like as a way to make fun of them. That’s the problem.

    Doug has ALWAYS made fun of the content, even if it’s something you like. I liked Full House, for goodness sake, yet I loved his review of it. I’ll admit I didn’t love his Space Jam review, but I never felt insulted because I liked it.

    That’s the problem–when Doug insults you for liking something. Don’t confuse the issue because Doug doesn’t like something that you like. That’s not being mean or harsh.

  6. So, did doug just forget he reviewed a troll in central park in this review? I’m assuming yes, although it would just be hilarious if the next review is another review of a troll in central part, i hope it is not.

  7. -This is very fun
    -Rich people with big bathroom bath like that
    The dad scene made you look the creepiest you have ever been
    -You made the Barbie for boy sexual do to the music.Also there are Barbies for men for that there small and have a big hole in them
    -This is the least scary clown and i don’t find clown scary.Also get your mind out of the gutter i didn’t heard it like that if you should misinterpreted it then why was is not poops
    -Sega guy is cruel but the music is great
    -Canada scares so you would take them serious
    Interested what next

  8. What if a kid wishes to blow up consoled of every city

  9. I’m weirdly excited that a commercial I suggested (Telephone Tammy) showed up here. I’m going to pretend it was my suggestion that brought it to Doug’s attention and convinced him to add it.

    …guys I don’t have much in my life right now; let me have this one.

  10. Screwattack did a Death Battle video on Segata Sanshiro versus Chuck Norris! Its AWESOMELY HILIROUS!

  11. Mila Kunis is in that last commercial.

  12. Ba ha ha ha ha! The friggin’ barbie commercial! I couldn’t stop! I was just dying!

  13. Okay, I seriously thought that was just a still image of Don Bluth and was just like oh hahah funny one Doug.
    And then…I saw him move and it freaked the utter living fuck out of me. I mean I literally jumped O.O

    Christ I mean…holy crap.

  14. Okay one more thing. I’m Canadian and HOLY FUCKING SHIT! LMAO!! Do they actually put that on TV somewhere?! Because FUCK! That is gruesome and horrific!!

  15. Funny video, but I have two issues with it that keeps me from really enjoying it:

    1. This might sound like nitpicking, but I really can’t take Tamara playing a boy seriously when she’s wearing nail polish.

    2. The Pokemon rant. Just, the Pokemon rant. I could make a whole paragraph about how terrible and biased that rant is, but I can think of at least three words that can perfectly sum up how hypocritical you talking about how it was everywhere and how the parents found it annoying is: Ninja Turtles/Transformers.

    • I know right? He doesn’t even take a minute to figure out what it’s about and why people like it, he just sits there, talks shit about it, and then finally dismisses it.

  16. I’m sorry i had to stop this part way it was entering bullshit territory….
    way to make cool things suck….

    I could do these commercial reviews better.

  17. So glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that is kid Mila Kunis in the Tammy commercial.

  18. lacking_psilosynine

    i really hope doug mentions at some point–on twitter, in a making of video, at a con–how the living hell he got don bluth to be in one of his videos.

  19. You should of called this one ‘Electric Boogaloo’.

  20. thatchickwithlonghair


    F00D F*CKS AND FUN!? wtf…..what are they actually singing then!? XD
    Food, thoughts and fun?
    Food, facts and fun?
    …that doesn’t sound right either.



    *intense fangirl screaming*

  21. Oh my god, I had that Barbie xD It was one of my favorite ones too.
    And…that HAS to be Mila Kunis in the telephone Tammy commercial. right??

  22. This is the best episode of Commercials ever!

  23. His best video – because he skipped the annoying ass intro.

  24. 2:13-2:18 Don Bluth’s face slowly appears into the Dragon’s Lair screen.

    Great foreshadowing!

  25. 8:25 was funny…

    Also, I’d rather eat a STILL SEALED CAN of Spagetti-0’s than watch most sports games.

  26. If you think that some of these commercials were messed up and weird then you have seen nothing yet

  27. sdfsdfsdfgsfhwe

    Hey Doug, you old, but maybe not quite old enough to understand what the sexual harrassment ad was trying to say. You dropped the ball on that thing with the ‘role reversal’ thing. It’s not ‘hitting on her’ … it’s not flirting. It’s a power thing and there wasn’t a ‘reversed role’ at that time. That wasn’t a guy hitting on a girl in a bar. And she didn’t look like a robot. She was standing up for her livelyhood. Do you think she should have said it in a nicer way? In a flirty way? Let him down softly.

  28. sdfsdfsdfgsfhwe

    They added sugar to Kix and now it tastes shitty. Sugar cereals are gross.

  29. sdfsdfsdfgsfhwe

    Ok… I’ll make another comment. Would you rather have Milk ads claiming milk makes you smart? Maybe you should drink some milk, Doug.

  30. sadly thats canadian advertising in a nutshell

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