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It’s nostalgic commercials on the march, let’s see how many of them screwed us up when we were little!

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  1. Martin Štěpán

    Am I the only one seeing the wrong video?

  2. ILuvGundam2001

    The next one should be called: “The Clash of the Commercials” and these should be the commercials to review in that video:
    #1 The “GMRX” PSA about the MPAA movie ratings (and the “GGPRX” version)
    #2 Any of those Pakistani Happy Meal commercials with terrible CGI
    #3 That testicle cream commercial with T.M. Revolution in it
    #4 the Digimon Card Game Commercial (with “I’m Ultimate, I’m Champion, I’m Mega. No way!”)
    #5 the Kmart “Ship My Pants” Commercial
    #6 the Zoo Pals Commercial
    #7 Any of those Honey Comb commercials with the Cravers (those scared me when I was little)


  3. Hey guys! Just went to re-watch this vid, but it’s the wrong one. This is your older commercial episode with OH HAI MARK, not the one with Don Bluth. Probably something happened with the blip-youtube-vessel transfer?

  4. Early on, AIDS was called GRID (for Gay-Related Immune Deficiency). Also, I believe Ayds had been sold since the ’70s (before GRID/AIDS was really known).

    I suppose they either didn’t realize the similarity in the sounds of the product and the disease, or they underestimated the impact it would have when trying to balance keeping the current product name vs the non-trivial task of completely rebranding.

    Sucks for them.

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