Constantine The Series – Honest Review

ERod talks about the rise and fall of one of the greatest comic book adaptations of all time.

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  1. Constantine isn’t my thing but I must admit that theme is wicked awesome. I do watch The Flash, Agents of SHIELD and Gotham and I have from the beginning. I don’t remember even seeing this show advertised ever. O.O

    • I know, right? I thought maybe he was getting his own spinoff show from Arrow; turns out it was a crossover from a cancelled show I didn’t even know existed.

  2. It’s a pity A-Rod didn’t spend some time talking about how many popular characters owe what they are to Constantine. Guiles and Angel from Buffy, Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural, even Anita Blake, all owe some aspect of their characters, their appearances, and what they do to the guy who did it first, Constantine.

    It is entirely possible that is one of the reasons why the show didn’t do better- if you didn’t know about the character, you might think that he was a pastiche of them.

  3. Loved this show. Too bad it couldn’t last longer. Only DC tv show i’ve liked so far.

  4. Wait I thought the honest reviews we were getting this month from Erod were Gravity Falls, Deadpool, Luke Cage Season One and Daredevil Season 2. I guess Erod wanted to talk about something positive DC though between the two big reviews of their movies but yeah wish we had word about this or even what the next actual review will be. This is pretty solid though as yeah though I never saw Constantine even the look and image of the characters seems more like the character from the comics then the Keanu Reeves interpretaition which kind of felt like Neo 2.0. Which yeah obviously isn’t John at all and honestly it does seem like the character does have a stronger live now thanks to Matt Ryan’s potrayal. SInce in addition to appearing in Justice League Dark, Arrow and the CW he also made an appearance even if not voiced by Matt Ryan in Justice League Action… sadly with a 4kids esque lolly pop for cigarette add in but still cool to see.

  5. Menatron the Angel of Id

    Hey all those you don’tknow. They said they’re bringing this back animated,so don’t lose hope.

  6. CW is giving it an animated series on their App like the one lady from the crossover episode.

    It does well, we might get more Constantine.

  7. Constantine suffered from boring cookie-cutter episodes that would have been better suited to Supernatural. And from scrapping all the mystical background of the DCU and replacing it with generic 08/15-demon-of-the-week stuff (they tried to bring some of it in during the later episodes, but it still was very boring). DC magic has a rich mythological lore, I really can’t see why they didn’t use that better.

    Trying to turn Constantine into an action hero didn’t help either. I hope if CW uses the character again, they do a better job.

    • Like he said in the review, it was overall on the wrong network, despite the fact that the show “Grim” (a dark fantasy/crime show) was doing really well on NBC(now it’s in its final season). Had it been on a different network or streaming service, it would’ve done MUCH better and people can give word of mouth easier for people to catch sooner than later.

      Hopefully, with CW doing the animated stuff now online for Constantine, we’ll see how it goes and that the word of mouth can help the show even more, without worries about weird time changes and all.

      • Then he should have called the video “The fall of one of the most mediocre comic book adaptations of all time”.

        At times, Constantines attempt to excise everything even remotely interesting about the character reminded me of Fant4stic.

  8. Also NBC loves canceling shows that are good.

    • That is the point. Preacher and Lucifer are blast.. and they are exactly this same source spin off (Vertigo). Constantin suffered from lack of promotion and arguable obscurity. Despite flaws of first season it could easily become great after they would bring some large plot in second season.. but NBC suck balls so it would not happen, even after similarly to Dread movie it become popular AFTER show cancellation, after people learn that it is in fact good.. or even exist.

      • Showrunners need to learn that you don’t save the interesting stuff for Season 2. I’m not watching another boring AF show, just on the off chance it “might get better later” (this includes Lucifer).

  9. While I thought the show was better than okay, I still think it failed as an adaptation of Hellblazer. The monster-of-the-week format made Constantine into a pretty generic occult detective and the show often felt like a combination of Supernatural and, despite the attempt to avoid it, Doctor Who – Constantine even has psychic paper! Maybe the television format does not allow for the type of stories that the comic book told – maybe it would work better in the Marvel-Netflix format, with episodes being less self-contained and the show telling one story over the course of 13 hours.

  10. I felt like a contributer to Constantines cancellation was just how similar a lot of its premise is to Supernatural. For the average viewer unfamiliar with Hellblazier many of the Constitine episodes could easily seem like an early seasons Spn spinoff. I havnt liked SPN myself for years, but I can see it hurting nonetheless.

    Also don’t think Constantines season 1 was that strong. It was good and had solid moments but it was uneven overall. The difference between the Pilot and the series regular episodes was jaring, you could see the immediate shift in direction and that didnt help.

    • No it is purely because NBC suck and didn’t promote show. How people could watch it when they learn about it when they announced it cancellation? Also there would be larger plot in second season, it was clearly announced on end of movie.

  11. Generally I wouldn’t point it out since its non of my business but now that you made a video about the TV Constantine. It is kinda funny how you praise the show but simultaneously have no problem to steel and use the copyright music of them whenever you like.

  12. I’d rather have Arrow cancelled for 1 more season of this.

  13. This shouldve been on Starz, AMC or HBO. Then we would’ve gotten the REAL Hellblazer! Bisexual chain smoking exorcist! Instead they went to NBC, the worst network on TV.
    It also had another thing going against it: David Goyer. The man is a hack.

  14. Just saw your first Honest Review of the season and, sadly, no comment section available on Dailymotion 🙁

    So… okay, Hellblazer and the John Constantine character are subject that I actually feel very strongly about and, unfortunately, I just heard some confusions in this review, so let’s set some things straight :
    – About the way you introduced the series : this show is not based on Hellblazer. The movie was. This show? DC’s version of John Constantine. Definitely not Vertigo’s.
    – About the way you described Papa Midnite : “He’s just someone that’s not afraid to use the dark arts for his own benefits, even if it is at the expense of others”. That is actually pretty much what the character of Constantine is in Hellblazer. I find it very revealing that in “Constantine”, that becomes the traits of an antagonist.
    – About the Constantine movie : the dark and pessimistic atmosphere of the Hellblazer comic-book series was very well translated into the 2005 movie, and Keanu Reeves actually did a nice job capturing the desperate nature of John’s character. Loved it. In the NBC show? They didn’t even ATTEMPT to adapt Hellblazer. They just went straight with the sub-par DC comic book series, that followed the end of Hellblazer and turned the character into a loveable geemick with a british accent.
    So yeah, Matt Ryan did a good job. At embodying the edulcorated DC version of John Constantine. But he certainly is not “perfect”. Not by Hellblazer’s standards he’s not.

    The show’s cancellation didn’t saddened me that much, given it wasn’t trying very hard to begin with. Now yes, I’ll admit, it was entertaining, and the fact that they took SOME elements of the Hellblazer comic-book series kinda tickled my fan chords, but ultimately, it was just not the right tone for me.
    Constantine is not supposed to be just the “House, M.D.” of paranormal. It is way more complicated and depressing than that.
    And, unfortunately, where the series had the opportunity to propose something really challenging, they just did YET ANOTHER excentric antihero-hard outside-glimmer of fluff inside-with a british accent blah blah blah. Elementary did it, Sherlock did it, Lie to Me did it, The Mentalist did it… it’s just an annoying archetype.

    Say what you want about Keanu Reeve’s performance, at least it wasn”t just some boring cliché.

  15. ERod, hope you’re doing well and happy 2017! I wish I could help donate to you, but I can’t for a few reasons. 1. I’m saving money for a Comic Con in Philly in April I’m going to with my mom and dad. 2. We’re in the process of getting our home ready to be put up for sale by the end ofMarch and our goal is to move down to Florida and live in the Villages. I hope you can understand and I look forward to your reboot!

  16. Daniel Brizuela

    What is it with NBC? They treat this show like dirt but Grimm has multiple seasons. I like Grimm but a problem is how they immediately cancel a show after only 2 or 3 episodes without giving it a chance. It’s like they forgot about Cheers.

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