Contra III: The Alien Wars Review (SNES) – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan reviews Contra III (3): The Alien Wars for the SNES. When the evil Red Falcon once again tries to invade the earth, humanity brings in their greatest soldiers to fight off the alien horde once more. Contra 3: NO BS.

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  1. Awesome shot em’ up game. But yeah, it’s tough as nails. I can get to stage 4 more or less without dying, but that insane missile riding sequence always does me in.

  2. Great co-op game too! Spent an entire summer playing this with my best friend and had the best time ever.

  3. Contra III was one of the few games in the old days improved by the translation, which sounds weird for a game that applies nothing but bullets where words would be. In the JP original, only the alien army was called Red Falcon. Every last enemy, including the last boss, were a bunch of replaceable randos in Contra tradition.

    Red Falcon himself, his brain, and even his encased version all had different, extremely corny sentai monster names. His identity was so negligible, it gets tossed out repeatedly during the fight. The translation got lucky that the monster got billing in the intro so they could run with making him the face of the bad guys. I’m kind of glad there was a gap in sequels for a while. Beating this game on Hard Mode and finding out he was just another fight on a repeating assembly line with zero closure or effect on anything would have killed my childhood. That epic feeling of actually winning the Alien Wars was all the localization’s doing.

  4. Forever remembering the legendary ‘Konamy code’. :3

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