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The BGP crew plays through the classic NES title Contra. Can they beat the game without the code or will they have to resort to using it?

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  1. I demand Chemical Bubbles make their debut hit single on iTunes titled “The Code” with the lyrics only being the actual Konami code sung like Cannibal Corpse.

    If there was anything I absolutely hated about 2 player Contra, it was the way you can screw over your partner if you went ahead too fast. It looks like you guys had a pretty big problem with this which I found funny and mirrors my own experience playing this game with friends.

    lol at Frank playing both Schwarzenegger and Stallone. XD

    Contra the Movie with Arnold and Sly! Make it happen!

  2. You modern gamers are sooooo impatient. Playing like you’re gonna blow through an eight-level game you don’t know in just thirty minutes? Of course you’re gonna die. A lot.

    Play like you have only one life (even when you die, pause the game and calm down, then calmly get back to it). You’ll last a lot longer.

    “Now we know why we have the Konami code…”

    Yeah, because lots of gamers want to play like they have a rubber band on the controller, keeping the right-button constantly depressed. It’s a short game, pace yourself. 9 times out of 10 (at least), the best way to get past an obstacle in this game is not to run right at it and expect your superhuman testosterone to carry you through. You have a gun. And unlimited ammunition. And no time limit. Stand back and shoot the enemy until it’s dead, THEN advance.

    I stopped watching when you put in the code. Sorry. But you are many. And you have editing software. You coulda beat it legit.

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