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Having sex with cartoons leads to all sorts of problems, a bad movie being one of them, but is there more to this film than it seems? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at, Cool World.

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  1. “I had two hit movies back to back”.

    Wait, is that describing the start of his career, or now after the Visit and Split?

  2. Backshi’s original story just sounds like a straight adaptation of The Mask. You’ve got this crazed ManChild with all the powers that a cartoon character can use, taking revenge on people he feels wronged him and trying to burn everything down. Just replace got a mask from a god with born from a guy fucking a cartoon.

  3. I’m surprised I’m not in the same nuthouse that the other artists escaped from.

  4. Unfortunately, the MarzGurl/Linkara review of “Cool World” (2009) got lost when Blip went bust, but if you Google around you can find an unofficial copy.

    I’ve never been that fond of Bakshi. He’s just a little too much on the crazy side of crazy genius.

  5. Good video.

    I’m so glad you recognized that despite the nonsense plot and executive meddling, there is art and originality there. I hope we can come full circle and embrace this kind of madness again in the age of recycled ideas and bland remakes.

  6. I’d been mildly interested in seeing Cool World ever since it was mentioned back in “The Top 11 Mind F***s”.
    …kinda glad I never got around to actually watching it.

  7. Lindybeige can’t be contained!

  8. I almost feel like this movie should be classified as softcore porn

    also Live Action Holly has way smaller boobs than cartoon Holly, what gives?

  9. What a shame that this movie had to turn into. It definitely has a ton of potential, but if is true the studio ruined this movie, then shame on them. Maybe this movie might have been something amazing or at best mediocre, but we’ll never know it as nothing more than crazy-ass mindfuck of a movie.

  10. Scary thing? I know people who worked on that…

  11. That ending is freaking fantastic!

  12. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    I just noticed the clip Doug used for Deviant art was some weird shipped diaper porn, lol.

  13. Please NC get rid of that VIDME player, it sucks!!!! videos keep getting stuck no matter how much time I leave them buffering

  14. Snorgatch Pandalume

    I remember when this movie came out. The trailers for it looked awesome, like a more adult version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (seriously, Cool World looks like Toon Town 45 years later). I’d been a fan of Bakshi’s work ever since Wizards, so I was really stoked to see Cool World. I left the theater thinking, “OMFG, Ralph, WTF happened? That was AWFUL!” Now I know why.

  15. Emily Defelice-Curran

    Hilarious with a good message, this is why I watch these vids every week.
    Well, that and the bat shit insanity……?

    Question, who is that playing Ralph?

  16. Evil producers, or no evil producers, 7 times out of 10 Bakshi cannot write a script to save his life. Ideas are great, but they must be turned into a full story, with scenes that make sense, and dialogue that works.

  17. [Spoilers for this review ahead]

    Wow, I was sure that you were going to be arrested by the cop because of how zany this review was getting! Especially since the credits with your name showed up during the craziest part while standing next to the cop who was trying to take them away for directing crazy things!

  18. This is one of those films that would actually benefit from a modern day remake. But do Bakshi’s original darker storyline. I like the idea of this crazy human/cartoon halfbreed, and the use of cgi could go a long way in helping to visualize that. Have the cartoons (or doodles) be hand drawn animation, the humans as live actors, and the half cartoon could be a 3 dimensional cg character, signifying that he has attributes of both worlds, but belongs in neither.

    • Even better, use a live actor but touch him up with CG, like they did for General Tarkin in Rogue One. The deliberate uncanny valley effect would make the audience feel vaguely repulsed by his very presence.

  19. Cool World is among the list of Bakshi movies I haven’t seen yet. After this review, I think I’m better off. The whole production overriding the creator’s original work is a complete sin, and doesn’t make the movie look all well-put together.

  20. You scared me for a moment there! Don’t ever do that again! I thought he really passed away!

  21. It’s pronounced “bash-key.”

  22. I remember seeing this movie as a kid alot. I just liked the crazy ass visuals. I never knew wtf was actually going on.

  23. There is no link or video player coming up for me. Am I doing something wrong?

  24. thechickinthemiddle

    I should say, that comic store clerk with the five-year-old friends is Carol Burnett’s late daughter Carrie Hamilton.

  25. With all due possible respect, I disagree. As far as I can tell I do not see anything of his creations to be inspired or creative. Those are terms that I would apply to someone like Walt Disney, Stan Lee, and Hayao Miyazaki

  26. Who’s playing Bakshi?

  27. fun fact, among the artists/animators who worked on this movie was Milton Knight, who was also a large part of art direction on The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. makes a lotta sense, doesnt it?

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      Definitely. Brad Pitt’s spider buddy and the little professor guy look very much like typical Milton Knight characters.
      Knight also did several adult-themed comics in the 80s, notably Hugo, a strip about the romantic misadventures of a cat jester in a cartoon kingdom.

  28. Critic you can be an insensitive Ass Hole the Sense that the guy got through out of his bike he was suffering from Shell Shock and a lot of the people who came back from War Get

  29. Love that he talks about directors limited in their work. Would have loved for him to mention Schumacher as he was forced into making Batman campy, and after he wanted to make it darker and adapt Year One.

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