Coraline – Lost in Adaptation

Coraline Vs Coraline, did the film do justice to the book?

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Really good review. Definitely sharing hthis review on Twitter so I’ll earn your full gratitude. Anyways I really remember this movie really well. I didn’t see it in the theaters but I saw it alot on dvd (2 times in fact) and i don’t know why it’s been fresh in my mind ever since and definitely will read the book. Forstt

  2. Well, I at least saw the movie. Also, I think that adding the new category is a good idea.

  3. I would like What They Added to appear more often, a lot of movies do that.

  4. Big fan of Neil Gaiman so I’m definetly looking out for the book but the film looks interesting despite Americanizing Coraline (see what I did there, hehe 🙂 )

    I’ve always been curious about the film because I remember it was EVERYWHERE at one point. only found out it was a book later.

    Great review; can wait for the next one, particuarily if it’s 1999 Mansfield Park…hmm?…

  5. TragicGuineaPig

    Hey Dom! You have almost as many guns as a typical American teenager! I thought you Brits weren’t allowed to have guns.

    “Blue hair.” Gotta have blue hair! All she needs now are some Robot Boots!

  6. You damn Brits (Also Caucasian) have everything your way like practically owning 85% of Hollywood, L.A. these days , quit complaining.

  7. And it’s Mr. Bobinsky not Mr. Bobo, Sergei Alexandrovich Bobinsky as his counterpart created by the Other Mother announces who turns out to be a rat ringleader in a real mouse circus who are actually rats in disguise, He is Russian and a survivor of major radiation poisoning he got when the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded in 1986 that’s why he has blue skin, found out a long time ago on wikipedia because the children’s movie doesn’t explain anything about him.

  8. Another thing the movie added, the non winged ghost is Wybie’s grand-aunt, more exactly the grandmothers twin. That is why Wybie’s know about the danger even if he doesn’t fully understand what is it or what to do about it. And I think the winged one is a fairy, because why not.

  9. Funny enough I just finished reading Good Omens like two weeks ago, and I loved it so I’ve definitely been considering getting into Coraline. Even more so now.

  10. I didn’t even know there was a story… on which it was based on. It’s interesting.

  11. I’m glad you liked Henry Selick’s Adaptation of Coraline! I’ll admit I read the book first then the film, then complained about the changes to the book for a while until I realized a lot of the changes are pragmatic (like more visually interesting scenes for a visual medium) or harmless, so I got over it. I also think Coraline is one of the best films ever made while the short story is just nice and well-written, so… yeah.

    Interestingly, Henry Selick DID try to make a completely faithful adaptation to the book. The original screenplay was almost indistinguishable from the short story, but it was actually Neil Gaiman himself (whom Selick consulted heavily for the film) who told him to change it, saying something like, “If people want something just like the book… well, they have the book!”

  12. They added in whyborn(However you spell it), because a lot of people thought that coraline was pretty annoying and talked to herself a lot in the book, so they added him to have something for her to work off of, not a big change, but i think it was necessary.

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