Corrective Consciousness Podcast 41 – Lotus

This episode we discuss: Persona 5, FFXIV, Anastasia, Fate of the Furious, Trails of Cold Steel, mini-golf, new name in wrestling, Beanie Babies, Isaac Afterbirth, Goldeneye Source Mod, Rule of Rose, the new MST3K, whether we’d rather go without TV for a year or the internet for three months, and our opinion of new gameplay mechanics!

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About Lotus Prince

I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.

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Yeah, I’d rather go without TV. I spend more time on the Internet anyways. I watch about 15 Internet shows regularly and about 7 Internet shows that I watch off-and-on versus about 15 total current TV shows and football. In fact, I’m kind of hoping some of the shows I watch get cancelled so I can cut down on TV time. On the subject of the Fast and Furious, I’ve only seen Tokyo Drift which I completely admit to liking. I also heard that it technically takes place during the 6th and 7th movies.