A Pop Song(s) Review: Counting Stars vs. Demons

Battle of the Vaguely Indie-Ish Mainstream Middle of the Road Bands!

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So because Imagine Dragons wrote one song you dislike means that they’ve “sold out?” Too bad that phrase has lost all meaning in the modern music industry, where anybody who has any publicity at all has already “sold out” to some degree. Do artists put out mediocre material because they want or need the money? Yes, sometimes. Does that mean everything you think is mediocre was just put out there for the money? That’s a bit of a stretch. Am I getting upset and verbose just because I happen to like Demons? Probably. Yeah, the lyrics were corny bordering on… Read more »
Nostalgia Goddess

You are completely right. I happen to like both these songs, though I don’t like Counting Stars as avidly, or as much as I happen to like Demons. I always got the impression that the song was made to be depressed, then building up to something tortured and louder.

Also, not all songs are meant to be fun or loud, or exciting. Some songs are teary and emotional and depressing. Does that make them bad, or sell outs? No. It just makes them a different type of song. And what’s wrong with that?


Todd jumped the gun on this. Imagine Dragon’s new single is the sellout track, and much blander than Demons.