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Movie Dad is inept, but we’re supposed to be sympathetic, Melissa’s dad is a jerk, but we’re not, and just what exactly is emotional labour anyway?

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  1. I’ve never seen all of Coyote Ugly. I remember that my mom thought it was too dirty for me when I tried to sneak it as a young girl. Man, I still want to see it.

  2. I have not watched Coyote Ugly, but thanks for letting me know what it was about. It is interesting that you bring up emotional labor. This has a strong effect on me because I have seen this kind of thing in many aspects of my life. The relationship between my parents shows a lot of this, although to a lesser degree. We run a business together as a family, a private-practice clinic. My dad focuses single-mindedly on the stuff he cares about, which is seeing clients, while my mom basically does the work of office manager. This has included typing letters for him, creating accountant information from scratch (with some professional help, thankfully), washing office dishes, ordering supplies, maintaining files, and making phone calls. This in addition to standard housework.

    And yes, its not even the physical labor so much as remembering it needs to be done and making sure all of it gets done by somebody. And its definitely gender-split, because at least the men I know don’t even notice any of it needs doing. And sometimes it might occur to do things, like laundry, for themselves, but not for anyone else. It seems to be surprisingly common, and hugely unfair.

    I hope this mostly an effect of media portrayal and doesn’t actually mean that all fathers are incompetent or unappreciative. I certainly don’t want this to be true. And even if it is, I’d like to think its possible to change it. Noticing things that need doing is a skill anyone can learn, and everyone certainly should, for the good of themselves and everyone they know.

  3. Oh my gosh this plot is SOO common, especially in dance films! Speaking of which, one of the Coyotes is Izabella Miko, a dance film regular, showing up in Save the last dance 2, Make Your Move and Love and Dance, in which she spoke her native languege of Polish, and is a really good dancer/actress, usually a highlight of these films

    Auntie Ursa, did you were such jeans in the day? (just teasing; hope you don’t mind; don’t mean anything by it) 🙂
    More seriously, can you sing all your plots please?

    3:26 Failiure to Launch?

    Always been curious about this film and have been waiting for somebody to review it as well as look at inaffectual film parents; that could a whole film thesis. Great video; can’t wait for the next one

  4. Something is wrong with your current video as of 9/22/16 so I’ll just leave that comment here. LOL.

    I’ve never heard of Thunderbirds. Heck, I’ve never heard of most of this. However, that recipe you were talking about DOES sound good.

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