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Movie Dad is inept, but we’re supposed to be sympathetic, Melissa’s dad is a jerk, but we’re not, and just what exactly is emotional labour anyway?

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I’ve never seen all of Coyote Ugly. I remember that my mom thought it was too dirty for me when I tried to sneak it as a young girl. Man, I still want to see it.

I have not watched Coyote Ugly, but thanks for letting me know what it was about. It is interesting that you bring up emotional labor. This has a strong effect on me because I have seen this kind of thing in many aspects of my life. The relationship between my parents shows a lot of this, although to a lesser degree. We run a business together as a family, a private-practice clinic. My dad focuses single-mindedly on the stuff he cares about, which is seeing clients, while my mom basically does the work of office manager. This has included typing… Read more »
The MegaNerd
Oh my gosh this plot is SOO common, especially in dance films! Speaking of which, one of the Coyotes is Izabella Miko, a dance film regular, showing up in Save the last dance 2, Make Your Move and Love and Dance, in which she spoke her native languege of Polish, and is a really good dancer/actress, usually a highlight of these films Auntie Ursa, did you were such jeans in the day? (just teasing; hope you don’t mind; don’t mean anything by it) 🙂 More seriously, can you sing all your plots please? 3:26 Failiure to Launch? Always been curious… Read more »

Something is wrong with your current video as of 9/22/16 so I’ll just leave that comment here. LOL.

I’ve never heard of Thunderbirds. Heck, I’ve never heard of most of this. However, that recipe you were talking about DOES sound good.