Crank Chop – Infomercialism

CRANK IT REAL GOOD. It doesn’t quite look like the Crank Chop in the Infomercial, but the seller who sold it to me from beneath his trench coat told me it was. Who knows. CRANK TIME.

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  1. Crank Chop the work out device disguised as a food chopper that only marginally works. Buy yours for the people in your life you really don’t care for that much now.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I think you were exaggerating the “kinda” works part too much cause now people might think it works easily but not really that much if they skip to the end part. You sir should tell everyone that this product isint easy!!!!

  3. Well if you ever have to pull-start your left nipple, you’re fully prepared now.

  4. You know what else you can operate with a broken hand? The buttons on an electric food processor. They’re also quite fast when you don’t have time. 🙂

    I have to say, this takes the cake for being one of the more useless products you’ve ever covered. It basically takes a hand tool that electric appliances have done the same job with, only far easier, for years…and it makes it even harder to use than the original hand-operated product was. Because yay for technological regression. 😛

  5. WHoever thought that the retractable pull cord makes for a good drive system needs to be shot. Yes it’s good for say starting a lawnmower, well some of the time, but for the most part the spring gets worn out too fast, the cord jams ALL the time, you spend more time unjamming it than you do actually using it, and to be honest it’s always awkward and a pain to pull on it. They could have just put in a small motor run on AA batteries and been done with it and had a better product. Oh wait, they have those already and they work better than this but nowhere near as well as a blender.

  6. Daemian Lucifer

    “A lovely avocado”

    Thats an oxymoron.

  7. For all the hassle of getting any food in the device to begin with, you might as well just chop the stuff yourself or invest in a decent food processor. Hell, get a magic bullet. You’ll still have to chop the food to fitting size, but it’s far and away more reliable then this hunk of junk.

  8. What? I won’t get hot señoritas by using this product? Well, that’s a disappointment.

  9. The strenuous pulling reminds me of your attempts at humor

  10. Just be glad Vince didn’t have you testing in on concrete.

  11. I noticed the copy mike has doesn’t have multiple tiered blades. Hurray for yet more shit that’s not produced the same way the infomercial shows it.

  12. The only thing that this thing proves it hype marketing will get idiots to buy anything. I’d rather have the food processor tossed out of the set window.

    The only advantage would be to have this as part of a 72 hour emergency kit.

  13. Mike, you were only supposed to do three cranks. ;P Also, when that guy said “Me so hungry”, I literally rewinded it to make sure I heard what I thought I heard. If only this product was bigger.

  14. You can get Vince to sell you the Shamwow to clean up the mess made by the Crank Chop.

  15. Why is this still at the top of the front page?

  16. as usual you baught a nockoff product to save money still funny. especialy with the description. so good video. but you really should clearify that it’s a knock off product. because otherwise you potenitaly spreading false information just like an info-mercial the real product probably doesn’t work much better. but still you should probably clearify wether or not you got it from the info mercial or not because alot of the time your either useing a nockoff or the info mercial literaly lies about what there sending you which would be great joke potential. of corse i said this last infomercalism video and you completly ignored it so i’m not sure why i bothered.

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