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Chris Stuckmann reviews Creed.

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  1. Great review Chris, I’ve been excited for this movie for the longest time and I’m glad you say it’s good enough to get an A score. I’ll be going with my 20+ family members this weekend to see it. 🙂

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good thing this movie didn’t stump on the rocky franchise like rocky 4 did. Oh well and I do consider this his quintessential character for Sylvester Stallone but Rambo is a second choice for me too.

  3. Very happy to hear good things. I much preferred the cheesy good times of Rocky 3 and 4 above and beyond the original but I also LOVED Rocky Balboa. Sounds like Creed will be great!

  4. I’ve been looking forward to Creed since the buzz went around, about how the script, which I believe was written by Michael B. Jordan himself, was presented to Stallone, and immediately backed it after reading it. To hear a glowing review makes it all the more anticipating for me!

    Rocky Balboa was a fantastic movie, save for the fact that they threw his health problems from the previous sequels out the window, and only focused on his age. The thing with Marie’s kid was kind of shoehorned in, in my opinion, but I won’t be surprised if either of them won’t make an appearance in this film.

  5. If I have nothing else to see and Creed in still in the theaters next month, I’ll probably check it out.

  6. Just saw the film last night and I highly enjoyed it. It has exciting moments, funny moments, and REALLY depressing moments… but it felt like a well-done story with fleshed out characters that had their own individual thoughts, feelings, and motivations.

    The thing is though this film is almost like a remake of the first “Rocky” film, with Rocky basically playing Mickey… and yet I’m perfectly okay with that. I suppose it’s because I enjoy stories that involve torches being passed, one generation passing to another; I actually liken it to “Dragon Ball,” honestly, which starts with Goku as a kid who was trained in the martial arts by his grandfather and “ends” with him teaching martial arts to his granddaughter, Pan, coming full circle in-a-way.

    So you have Adonis who’s trying to prove something to himself and at his side is Rocky, a guy who was once a great fighter but all of that is now far in the past. Heh. Great, now I suddenly want to see a prequel about Mickey. XÞ

    (Though if I could change anything about this film I’d have brought back Mason “The Lion” Dixon as one of the commentators in the film’s final fight.)

  7. Ur face is stuck, Mann.

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