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In which celebrated and dead author HP Lovecraft offers his advice on such diverse topics as love, finance, cooking, and personal hygiene.


  1. Three Degrees of Bacon

    I’m reminded of a pencil-and-paper RPG I hope to run one day, combining your works and organized crime. Basically placing the PCs in the role of young members of a mafia, trying to rise through the ranks while coping with the realization of things from beyond. Drawing inspiration from the Case of Charles Dexter Ward, the don of this mafia was actually replaced by a resurrected ancestor (whom I may just refer to as Charles Dexter Ward as a very clear nod to the inspiration). His replacement now employs things that man should not know to give even greater power to the mafia. So, for example, the PCs may make someone inconvenient “vanish,” only to learn their hit involves feeding a shoggoth. Or seizing documents from Miskatonic University.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Well interesting to hear your opinion on criminals in movies and personally I’m used to criminals being in wtfiwwy stories thank you very much!! Btw I heard you were in an episode of wtfiwwy live before you were on channel awesome so is this true and which episode was it)?

    Also loved the surprise ph love craft cameo and I’ve bet he’s stole more than girls hearts and silverware(which I’m sure by his suspicious nature and his attitude that I’m sure of).

  3. The Great Yithian Caper: Members of the great race manipulate James Grodin in an elaborate plot to discover the human ability and purpose of changing their hand color.

    In their infinite wisdom, the plot includes Miss Piggy on a motorcycle.

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