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5 years ago, a group of online critics defeated the forces of evil. Now, the sole surviving “villain”, Cloak #1, tells his side of the story. The SUBURBAN KNIGHTS 5 yr Anniversary film.

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  1. That was hilarious! 😀 Great job LAG and everyone! 😀

  2. Very awesome! It’s a great sequel of sorts to Suburban Knights. Makes me want to watch the original movie.

  3. Great stuff. My favorite bit had to be the return of Jori and Bri. Why? Because I HATED that joke in the original Suburuban Knights. It was a stupid “oh look at how angry this woman can be if her child can’t play grrrr” that was badly timed and stupidly executed. I don’t blame Jori and Bri for that as shown in the Adventure Time vlogs or heck even in Demo Reel when they’re more themselves or playing a funny character idea they’re good, it was just a terrible joke. However twisting it so Bri was doing drugs and Jori pointing how it’s the better playground as Cloak #1 killed the Nostalgia Critic offscreen. See now that’s actually really funny and honestly redeems that special’s terrible joke so yeah kudos all around.

    The rest was good though. Loved pointing out the stupid plot points and issues of the scripting of Suburban Knights and the various cameos from other producers and the ending with Jaffers vowing revenge. Great stuff. Heh next year if you get the funds you can do a 5 year special on Obi Wan Geek…obi talking about To Boldly Flee’s 5 year anniversary though yeah guess that was more LAG but again would be funny seeing that. And again as someone who likes the continuity of the site liked this one more explaining how Cloak and LAG are two separate people. I don’t think Doug gets that but glad you do. Only thing missing were confessionals from Angry Joe and Todd the only Critics still apart of the site who were in SK but otherwise again really great stuff.

  4. Saw this on Linkara’s website, but I thought I should come here to comment (where you’d more likely see it!)

    Fantastic job! I miss that there aren’t many cross-overs like there used to be in the day, so I always very much enjoy it when we do get a few.

    *standing applause*

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