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This week: making a bullet necklace the hard way, trying to play the stock market by way of explosives and the attack of the imaginary brown people …

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  1. As far as the question of guns north of the border, Canada actually does have a lot of gun owners, it’s just a huge majority of them are hunting guns for hunting.

  2. When I was quite young (I think I was 6 or 7), I flew off of a hill at Windsor Castle which was about 30ft high (slipped off a rope swing that was on top of it after some other kid decided to jump on it while I was in mid-swing), and I can confirm… you can indeed survive a 30ft fall if you don’t land on your head.

    I landed flat on my back, and I still remember the feeling of all the blood in my body slamming suddenly to my back as I hit the floor. No lasting damage, just the shock of it all.

    I very much doubt that swing, and probably the tree that held it, was there for very long after that.

  3. Canada is less about guns for self-defense, and more about guns for hunting.

  4. When a guy is running around naked, he’s already beyond being embarassed to get a boner. If anything, it’s more embarrassing if he doesn’t.

  5. As tacky as it is, I don’t have anything against people making a necklace out of bullets, but yeah, a bullet with casings full of gunpowder instead of taking a recently fired or old discarded empty shell, is just stupid.

  6. Late breaking news: Target Corporation on Tuesday 2/28 – stock set to start the day at -13.76%.

    If only mad bomber had waited for store’s own reports on business this year…

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