Daredevil Season 2 – Honest Review

The Defenders Saga continues with the second installment of The Man Without Fear.

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  1. Alright, that’s more like it. That’s the kind of Honest Review I wait all year for 🙂
    Thank you ERod, you’re making an awesome job.

    Two things, tho :
    – Now that your videos are HD, why do you still use low-def footage ?
    – I’m kinda disappointed a lil bit: I know there were very few remarkable new villains in this season, but I figured that YOU, above all people, WOULD have at least MENTIONED


    Clancy Brown as The Blacksmith.

  2. for as much as I agree with the “not as good as the first series” sentiment, I do have to give Daredevil S2 all the credit for making the punisher actually kind of a compelling character. normally I find him to be a two-dimensional caricature, even when thats not supposed to be the point, but I think this version was juuuuust self-aware enough that he came across as well-rounded

  3. I REALLY liked the punisher in this. It was grounded and real and hard hitting like the first season. Then the other half of the season was magical ninjas. I’m fine with the second half of the season as an idea, but having it back to back with punisher annoyed me.

    I think they just aren’t two good stories when together basically.

    Either way loved the punisher (as much as you can of course) and the interaction with daredevil. Trying to think about what kind of person I’d be in that situation I doubt I’d have the resolve daredevil has. I don’t know that I could forgive people like that. Heck I’m catholic so I’m very much in the same boat as daredevil I believe there is a greater power that will tend to the final consequence, but I want that vengeance like punisher I want people to pay. I wish I could change the world by force because that would be easy. It’d be quick as pulling a trigger, but its not the right way.

  4. Eh, I’m probably never getting Netflix so here I am.

  5. About Civil War.

    The issues dividing the team are a bit more complex than just a difference in ideology. And ultimately, I think Cap was right about the Accords: they were being used to bypass civil justice and to treat the “Enhanced” as less than human. Note when Cap asked about whether Bucky would get a lawyer or a trial, and the guy just laughed. Also, look at the losses of freedom the team were having to endure: Wanda wasn’t even allowed to go out in public and was basically a prisoner in the Avengers Compound against her will. Even though she wanted to do what was right, even the simple task of going out for pizza was prohibited. Then there was the fact that, for the crime of which he was accused, Bucky was essentially innocent. But General Ross didn’t even want to see the evidence. When Tony brought him proof that it wasn’t Bucky who attacked the UN, he blew it off. In his mind, Bucky was a threat and therefore was guilty. Period. There was no proving his innocence because there was no such thing. It turns out, in the end, Cap was right: the Accords just put the Avengers in the hands of people who just wanted to use them for their own purposes and didn’t care about what was right. And finally, there was what happened to the rogue Avengers: locked up in an underwater prison without trial.

    And I think Tony realized that. It’s why he sought Cap and Bucky out in Siberia and offered to help them. But after that, the fight was no longer about the Accords, but about personal revenge: Stark just wanted to kill Bucky for his parents’ deaths. What we see at that point is no longer ideological conflict but outright rage and madness. And yet again, Cap turned out to be the better man. Though Tony had pulled out all the stops to murder Bucky, even in the heat of combat, Cap held back and spared Tony’s life at the end, instead just disabling his suit. It’s also at that point we see Tchaka’s change of heart: realizing the sheer destructive power of vengeance, he renounces it.

    So Cap was right about the Accords. And he was right about vengeance not being the solution. He even reached out to Tony after it was all over, offering to help if he ever really needed it, even after Tony had tried to kill him and his best friend. All in all, Cap was just the better man.

  6. Elektra ruined the second half of the season to me. She was an annoying brat all the way through, and for some reason all the characters fell for it…

  7. So, looking forward to Iron Fist.

  8. Please give us a proper review of Deadpool. Last week’s review was very unsatisfying.

  9. Daniel Brizuela

    The conversation between Daredevil and Punisher was one of my favorite moments of tv last year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZsfEpamFGM

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