David DeCoteau’s 1313 – Needs More Gay

Rantasmo reviews a low-budget horror series “for girls.”

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i believe it is pronounced: De-Ko-toh

Ciaran Reid

Shut up faggot. LGBT is not normal. It will never ever be normal.

Captain Chaotica
Not to mention the “for girls” thing is kinda insulting in the first place–“Hey! It’s science fiction/horror/superheroes, but FEMALES can like it! WOW!” To give you an idea just _how_ wrong this can be (and yes, I am a girl) I was watching the review normally until you showed that one clip of Dante’s Cove (which I know nothing about) at which I basically hit a note only birds can hear and rushed off to look up the show’s cast RIGHT THEN–why? Because “OH MY GOD! IT’S CAPTAIN LOCHLEY FROM BABYLON 5!” … ‘Nuff said. Also yes, this is very… Read more »

What kind of asshole uses a number with no significance as part of their franchise identity?