DC Universe: Rebirth #1 – Unrepentant Geeking

Shaun returns with a look at DC’s latest attempt to restart the watch.

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  1. Dc is run by idiots

  2. Did you at one point imply that you don’t mind Captain America being a Hydra agent? O.O Please explain. O.O

  3. From what I’ve seen in interviews, Doctor Manhattan is the antagonist (Not full Villain, according to the same interviews) is meant to represent the misrepresentation of Watchmen. IE, People see Watchmen and copy it without full understanding of it’s themes, only taking the most superficial elements of darkness and grit and saying that is how to make good comics

  4. Fellow reader of Giant Days here. Follow it everyone; the Boom Box has a terrific playlist of comics, and Giant Days is second only to the unconquerable Lumberjanes. Look up Jonesy, Goldie Vance and the now-finished Midas Flesh while you’re at it; you won’t regret it.

  5. I kinda of thought that the reason that Barry was able to save Wally was because he was still tied to the events of Flashpoint.

  6. The comics industry is due for a major bust akin to the late 90s. Movies and TV understand and portray these characters so much better (BVS the exception) that it will become unecessary to even read comics. Comics dont appeal to kids, they are not cool and their primary demo(men 30-40) are getting pretty fed up with this shit. In short, they better figure this shit out and fast.

  7. The last DC comic I bought was the Blackest Night compilation. I can’t believe they even ended that on a stupid to be continued in an attempt to try to make us buy the next issue instead of giving it a proper ending.

  8. I don’t see a problem to their event taking a couple of years; making storylines last is a thing they need to do in comicbooks. 🙂

  9. confesion time: as a longtime fan of John Allison I think Giant days is one of his weakest works to date… still I am buying it because weak as it is comparison to his others works it is still a stronger comic that most of DC outpout lately…

  10. what i dont undersatnd is why the need to “explain” in universe the change in tone? Why does this need an explanation? Just change the tone and direction..we dont need a stupid event to explain it

  11. I was always a bigger fan of Wally West than Barry Allen as well, Wally always seemed to have way more of a personality than Barry, & since the Flash is a legacy superhero, I don’t see the point of going backwards, that would be like the Doctor regressing back to a previous regeneration. I also don’t think it makes sense that Linda, the woman who loves Wally more than anyone else in the multiverse, wouldn’t be able to remember him & bring him back while Barry does, I mean really? Wally’s uncle loves him more than his own WIFE?! Not trying to sell their friendship short mind you, but still, that’s a bit hard to accept.

    I’m glad Wally’s back though 😀

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