Deadpool Reviews Deadpool – Blockbuster Buster

The Merc With The Mouth runs his mouth about his own Movie!

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  1. oh deadpool you never cease to amaze me

  2. At long last, high definition! But yes, everyone should see Deadpool!

  3. Nope. Still don’t like ERod’s Deadpool impression. I’m trying, I swear 🙁

    (And Shaun the Sheep actually was a 2015 summer movie)

  4. Well, this was kind of a gyp. I was hoping for ERod himself to review it, not ERod pretending to be Deadpool. Just doesn’t seem genuine to me.

  5. Short, sweet, and awesomely funny. I’m gonna go watch the movie again. And think about buying a stuffed unicorn. Love the new hi-def.

  6. I waited all year for THIS? I appreciate Erod trying something new, but a 6 minute Deadpool impression is NOT what I would qualify as an “Honest Review” as I’ve come to know them. This video feels like something he would post on YouTube or Patreon. Which is a shame because I feel the honest reviews are Erod’s most popular and best work to date. The reason the honest reviews are so well liked is because they are informative, well researched and Erod’s passion for the subject matter shines. While this video obviously showcases Erod’s love of the character, where was the research? Erod is well versed in the source material; so take that knowledge and put it into the review. I would have loved for a breakdown of the characters comparing them to their comic counterparts (Weasel and Vanessa/ Copycat are two characters I was hoping to learn more about). Instead it’s Erod telling jokes (jokes that could use some punch up to be honest) and playing with guns. That’s what the BB is for; that schtick doesn’t really fit with honest reviews. I’m a patreon supporter and I know Erod is super busy with BB 2.0 but this was just….so disappointing. I hope the rest of the upcoming honest reviews have a jump back to their old levels of quality. I have faith that they will, I know Erod is working his ass off.

  7. the back ground is fallout 4

  8. Okay, that Captain Boomerang joke did make me laugh.

  9. Come on, ERod, I really want you to review this movie, but please do it as YOURSELF!!!

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