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The Dom takes a look at Netflix’s attempt to adapt the popular manga Death Note to western cinema.

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Reviewer of games, TV shows and movies. The Dom also likes to look at film adaptations of books and talk about what got lost transitioning from page to screen.


  1. I’m going to stand by the fact that I like this film. It came out decently despite all the challenges in front of them, and was very entertaining whether for the right or wrong reason. I know I’m in the minority and I’m fine with that…except the majority doesn’t just hate the film, they attack anyone who feels otherwise. No commenter should bother calling me an idiot, I’ve already heard pretty much every insult possible with regards to my liking the film already and you’d have to be creative to come up with something I haven’t heard.

  2. Crossover Princess

    I’m not a Death Note fan, while I do find the premise interesting, it’s not really my thing. I did watch this movie however, but only because my mom is one. She’s dying. If I remember she didn’t like it very much… except for Ryuk. But come on… it’s Willem Dafoe he was literally a perfect choice.

    But you know this trend of turning anime “American” isn’t going to end soon. I can only hope that Naruto and the One Piece TV Series won’t turn out that bad.

    • The thing is that Death Note is at least almost forgotten franchise (I a way that most younger otaku don’t even know about it) and Japanese LA adaptations are far worse the this movie. As such this adaptation (I remind adaptation, not a remake) of universal over all story was reasonable, so questions as “why it exist” are purely subjective. I understand that in relation to LA GitS as franchise still has new series released (Arise was released in 2015) and movie plot was lump of two great plot arcs turn in one mediocre. But not here.

  3. I really liked the movie too. It’s flawed, but most of the complaints on the internet, and notably in that review, are dumb complaints that things were different from the manga, or plain ignoring of the actual themes and character development in the movie.

    • I agree with you. This movie didn’t pretend that is a honest adaptation and research many new interesting concepts for a story. I is shameful that most of those were ignored by childish outrage.

  4. The director of this movie left Twitter because of harassment from anime fans. Which is terrible in and of itself, but if you’re going to lose your shit over an anime, lose your shit over something better than *fucking Death Note*.

  5. The only part of this movie I’ve seen is through Twitter. They added the humorous Spongebob music to the chase scene. Just thinking about it now is making me laugh. I’ve never been attracted to this franchise or seen it but the reviews of this movie are funny to me.

  6. First review I give thumb up. Though I need clarify one argument of Dom. In the States many people in fact do have weird names and name “Light” in fact has way more sense there then it has in Japan, even without “mom was hippy” argument. Also he is Light Turner not Light Yogami.. different enough for my for not consider them as same person. I can forgive it as Dom is British.

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