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IN the early 80s, Cannon Films purchased the rights to the Death Wish series starring Charles Bronson. Let’s see how this turns out.

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  1. 4:56- So THIS is what Perry White from the DC movie universe was up to in the early 80’s.

    9:06- Yeah, it’s shit like that make me not take the Razzies as seriously as everyone else. I mean they had a personal hate against Sylvester Stallone. At least they recently apologized to him in the form of a “Redeemer Award” for his role in Creed.

    At least Bronson’s character finally gave up his vigilante ways in Death Wish 9.

  2. Seems Fishburne is auditioning for the role of Bebop in the next Turtles film (which would be the 1990 one). 😉

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