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So we all agree that cheating is BAD, so what exactly is CHEATING then? Tyger duscusses.

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  1. I guess it depends on the game.

    In World of Tanks you play against other people. In quite a few racing games your high score goes to the all mighty highscore board. In other games like Starbound or Minecraft it depends if you’re playing on a public server or with friends and the rules you all agree to follow. And in singleplayer games that don’t have leader boards, or are from gog and don’t use Steam achievements etc etc, it depends on what you want to get from the game.

    Say you’re playing Skyrim/Follout3/4/NV and because of a bug you fall or clip to a place you can’t get out off, is it cheating to go into god mode and get out of there?

    Say you are playing an RPG and you like the story and the voice acting but don’t like the actual gameplay, it’s clearly cheating to give yourself 100 levels or god mode and then play the game just for the story, but the story is all you want, so is it ok?

    In WOW, WoT, Starbound, Oblivion etc there are many mods that add small pieces of info that the Devs never intended to be at the players disposal, and yet, as you sayd, they’ve become part of the game. It’s clearly cheating and yet…

    Probably the best example of this is Minecraft. When the game was in Alpha a functionality was added to F3 that the devs currently consider cheating. It was supposed to be a developer feature that would help the devs debug the game, yet it has become such a fundamental part of the JAVA version of minecraft there would be a massive backlash should it be removed. Even the current lead is hesitant to remove it because in his own words “it’s so damn CONVENIENT”.

    Cheating is relative, and what’s allowed and what isn’t depends on circumstances and convenience. Say you want more stats in WoT or Starbound, you go and you install a few mods that deobfuscate numbers the devs intentionally hid from you – that is by definition cheating and yet, if it makes you enjoy the game more and the other people you are playing with (assuming you are playing multiplayer) don’t mind, does it matter?

    If a game isn’t fun for you without cheating something in or via a mod that changes the UI, and you aren’t bothering anyone I’d say it’s ok. The problem starts appearing when you start gaining an advantage over someone in a competition or it bothers someone you are playing with.

  2. It honestly bothers me what is considered cheating in Pokemon Go. My tablet that I got in part to try out the game doesn’t have GPS. Supposedly, you can still play without that, as long as you have other location info. But it doesn’t work. I can’t pick a starter.

    So it would be nice if I could spoof my location. Not to give me any sort of advantage. But just to let me play the game. If I were to travel somewhere I couldn’t physically go to, fine, ban me. But, otherwise, why do you care?

    Hell, I’d never even play against anyone. I honestly don’t see the point without PvP. Gyms seem silly to me. I’d just play.

    So, basically, I’d be playing it like a single player game. And does anyone really care if you cheat in a single player game? As long as you don’t try to play yourself off as being better than you are, who cares?

    But you can’t do that. I can’t even play the game.

  3. Good video.

    I would just like to make it clear that when I use ‘cheats’ it’s after I have won the game and I’m either admiring how the game was made or treating it as a cheap way of making a new game. You’re right that I should beware of achievements though.

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