Delicious in Dungeon, Ch. 1 – AT4W

Technically speaking, it’d be delicious OUT of the dungeon, too, so the title seems a bit specific.

If you’re having trouble watching this video on the current player, you can view it on youtube here

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Atop the Fourth Wall is a show about bad comic books. Linkara finds the surreal and the stupid and breaks them down page by page. You'll know why they're idiotic and how they can be improved.


  1. Man I just keep calling it with the Entity.

  2. So Linkara doesn’t know that he is being controlled by Entity. So that’s how they explain why he still makes reviews during current state. It’s clear that Harvey and Vyce don’t like each other but they have to work together.

  3. Rabbits are not normally eaten in Japan (they’re pets, like cats or dogs), so putting the killer rabbit on the menu would be on a par with the other ‘weird’ monsters.

  4. Wasn’t expecting that ending. Your costumes are always so nice. I never heard of this manga. It sounds like a parody of “Dungeons And Dragons”. Well, the title at least. It seems like your reviews are getting shorter all the time.

  5. Basically, the entity has Linkara on a leash. Well, the worst foe lies within the self.

  6. Somehow, I knew the entity was still alive since the King of Worms storyline.

    I wonder what would happen if the characters on the cover are cooking a Super Mario mushroom.

    “Hot Pot” is a weird name for a Transformer.

    “Has any adventurer ever been revived from poop?” is so far the funniest damn thing I have ever heard coming from a manga.

    What? No Monty Python & the Holy Grail clip to go along with the killer rabbit?

    In the scene where they make a monster stew, it makes me imagine if they were in the Pacific Rim universe.

    This is a good story, but the monster eating still weirds me out,

    I didn’t notice you holding the manga backwards at the end until you mentioned it in the credits. Damn you, MissingNo.!

    In speaking of Moarte, you better not make much noise while you’re in the storage room. Also, I’ve been waiting over 6 years for someone to call Vyce a rejected Power Rangers villain (and I’m currently binge watching the first 23 seasons of Power Rangers on DVD).

  7. lilith_ascennding

    I’m sorry, but all I could think about while listening to the Margaret Entity was that old Youtube character Fred. Their voices sound so similar! Also, “Has any adventurer ever been revived from poop?” has got to be my new favorite quote from a manga.

  8. I would love to eat a monster–is a Pikachu good for beginners?

  9. Wow. I think that this would be interesting enough to keep my attention if I had any spare time to check this out. Haha.

  10. That title sound like a cookbook for Adventurers

  11. Huhhhhhh… Who’s that person with green hair at the end ?

  12. “He has Gowron eyes.”
    Wow! I just watched Reunion (his first appearance, I believe) last night.

    “Is there a YouTube Channel about making fantasy dishes?”
    I think so; there are certainly web pages about them.

    Scorpions are venomous, not poisonous. That means you’d have to eat the poison gland specifically to get sick from them. They’re sold in lollipops in the real world.

    I knew you were gonna say Batman: Oddyssey! I’ve recently read it, and it’s not as bad as people say. (Oh, it’s bad, just not that bad.)

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