Delores & Delores: Old Southern Ladies Talk & Play BATTLEFRONT

These fine old ladies know their gaming…for the most part.

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  1. Ummmm… I love you guys over at Gaming Wildlife, but this was incredibly hard to sit through, especially since I use my headphones to watch videos most of the time, the yelling really hurt my ears and I couldn’t understand most of the things being said.

    I know you always can’t do your 100% Honest series every week, but this was just…. not up to par with the rest of your stuff.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Star wars:battlefield and this being a terrible shooter:) yep!!! Pretty much sums up this terrible EA Star Wars game!!!
    Also I want more just don’t make the stereotypes stand out And more cursing(please and thank you)?

  3. Good thing you included that apology to old southern ladies. Some of them can be very unforgiving.

    Aside from that, I must agree with RockmanX3. The old lady wailing sounds like a storm siren and it was rather uncomfortable with just standard speakers. Try something else.

    I have an idea. How about “bot” gamers. Those that run bots are quite shameless.

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