Demo Reel: Wreck-it Ralph Extras

Extras, Bloopers and Behind the Scenes for the Demo Reel episode Wreck-it Ralph.

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  1. While I enjoyed the Demo Reel series, I can understand why a number of people didn’t enjoy it. I am aware that for a number of people it’s because they didn’t like that it was replacing the Nostalgia Critic, however let’s ignore those.

    I get why some didn’t enjoy it as the series did contain a lot of referential humor, sometimes to movies that were just recently released. If you never saw the movie, you wouldn’t get the reference. In fact, after watching the first episode, I was worried that it would be going down a Seltzerberg-like path. I’m glad you changed the direction and put that on the back burner.

    Still, for some reason I think referential humor works better in a review, possibly because you’re already viewing something that isn’t your own material. However, in an original series it can drag things down a little bit. In fact, that what kind of made me enjoy To Boldly Flee a bit less than I would have otherwise. The reason I think why Kickassia remains my favourite anniversary movie to date is because it had the most original ideas. The weakest part of the movie for me was the Sarah Palin parody with the Nostalgia Chick which I felt kind of dated the film, again a referential humor bit.

    It is unfortunate that Demo Reel was cut so short, but alas, you have to make the best business decision. If that was bringing back the Critic, then I’m glad you did.

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