Demons Reviews EP 1: They Bite

Hagan takes an episode by episode look at ITVs Demons. Its not quite as bad as Bonekickers… usually.

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  1. You can tell a character is not American if they’re named Rupert. Also Giles, a male Vivian, and probably millions of other things. Such names are, in fact, what Americans name characters when they want you to know that they’re British (thus Rupert Giles says “I’m super British”).

    If you want to say someone is American, either give them a super common name like John or Jim, or pick something like Bubba or Randy, names that are pretty much never used by Brits.

    • That was literally my first thought as well! I think they did it because this entire show was trying to rip off Buffy while spectacularly failing at making that fact inconspicuous. Rupert (last name I don’t remember but it started with a G) is just an expy of Rupert Giles. I mean, in the American show the mentor is British, and then in the British show the mentor is American, he’s clearly meant to be Rupert Giles, so they named him Rupert.

      Then my second thought was “Is this how WE sound when WE’RE trying to be BRITISH?” Cuz that’s bad. That’s reeeeeeally bad. I never heard a Briton or a Celt with such a bad American accent before; I didn’t really think it was possible. It sounds like 11 year old me “speaking” RP in public because I was totally the next Hermione Granger.

  2. Kid with hereditary powers he didn’t know he had gets picked up by a mentor character to be trained to fight the bad guys. And they named him Luke? Of all things, they chose the name Luke?

    I vaguely remember reading a Radio Times article on this show when it came out and then missing the first episode and deciding there was no point watching the rest, then I never thought about it again. I had no idea it was this bad.

    Also, why is Mina blind?

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    This is some pretty bad crap and its bad that it even got cancelled after six episodes and was list into obscurity. I didn’t even know what this show was until you brought it up and I knew urban gothic. Anyways some pretty funny jokes and pretty good review but lets hope I don’t confuse Luke for Zac Efron(cause looks alot like Zac Efron to me)?!

  4. I remember seeing this turd float up to the surface on BBCA one time, and kept wondering if there was something wrong with ME because I couldn’t even imagine them airing something this bad.

  5. I actually thought this show was starting to get good right when they cancelled it. The, I think it’s the 4th, episode was really emotionally compelling, and Mina’s storyline from there was pretty interesting, I thought. I wish they’d been given some more time to develop that, because it could have been good. And anything is better than that awful Hex show that they made before Demons. God.

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