Demons Reviews Ep 6: Nothing Like Nebraska

Hagan takes an episode by episode look at ITVs Demons. Its not quite as bad as Bonekickers… usually.

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  1. My god this show is bad. I mean the imperialerm of man form warhammer 40000 is more tolerant then the main ” heros” of demons and thier moto is kill the alien burn the hertic and purge the unclean.

    The KKK look at this show and shake thier head in amazement and wish they could be as intolerant

    Nazis look at this show as signing excample

  2. Missed a “Luke, I am your father” opportunity.

    Is Mackenzie Crook a spirit? How does he hold a gun? Does chanting give him a physical body? How does he appear in Luke’s kitchen without someone chanting? If he can appear when he wants and if he can hold a gun why doesn’t he use it to shoot Philip Glenister himself?

    Why would the gun work him a second time if he’s there as a corporeal spirit? Unless we’re assuming he pieced his old body back together and has been waiting behind the mediums curtains all day waiting for her to chant in order to trick her into thinking he’s a spirit. But then how did he talk through her?

  3. Snorgatch Pandalume

    “So what? You’re a hybrid.”
    “That’s different.”
    “How is it different?”
    “I’m hot, and therefore good.”
    “Can’t argue with that. Everyone knows that beautiful = good and ugly = bad.”

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