Demon’s Souls Part 1 – Lotus

Let’s take a look at what brought the Souls games into the public eye. Prepare for the first areas of the game, though they still don’t hold back. Let’s go crazy!

The second part of Part 1 – we explore the first part of the first level! Note: don’t let 6:37 fool you – I swear I don’t die that often in this playthrough!

The third part of Part 1 – we take on the boss and allow ourselves to advance in the game!

I can’t post my Jojo LP here, but you can check it out yourself via the playlist here.

About Lotus Prince

I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. Oh! Is this what you meant before when you said that you were behind? I’ll probably check out the rest of your Jojo LPs if I’m ever bored or something. I find the fact that you’re playing Demon Souls especially interesting since Dark Souls seems like the game that’s played more often. Also, LOL, you are the exact opposite of me when it comes to character making. It usually takes me about half an hour.

    • You can check the Jojo LP by clicking where it says “via the playlist here.” That’s actually a link. 🙂

      Demon’s Souls kicks ass. 😀

      As for character making, I might’ve given it a bit more time, but I was debating beating the tutorial boss, and if I died, I’d have to remake the character, and…no thanks. I don’t end up killing the tutorial boss here, but you can still check out my playlist on YouTube, as I’ve added a video where I do take him out. 🙂

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