Despacito by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber – Pop Song Review

What’s the key to getting songs in any genre to the top of the charts? Aw shit, throw some Bieber on it!

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  1. Using Desperado as the tag song is a nice touch

  2. Kind of surprised you didn’t mention the anger-humping in the video. I can’t imagine that would be good for either person involved. I guess if you don’t want to spend the time with birth control you can always serve your potatoes mashed!

  3. Oh! So THIS is the Despacito that everyone is talking about. I’m surprised that Daddy Yankee is still around. I haven’t listened to him since middle school. O.O I actually like listening to music that I don’t completely understand because if they are being douchey, I’ll never know (unlike English songs).

  4. Listening to music you can’t understand actually makes you focus on aspects of the song other than the lyrics such as the melody and the sound of the singer’s voice. Conversely, have you ever come across a song you liked the sound of, but couldn’t get past the lyrics because they are simply awful? Not knowing what the lyrics are can enhance enjoyment for that reason.

  5. I was traveling across Europe the past month and this was playing all over in clubs and bars. The song has no legs, it got annoying fast. Also the singer’s aching, melodramatic voice pisses me off; reminds me of gay-for-pay Enrrrique Iglesias (although I did like his father, Julio). This makes spanish (and I probably mean central/south american “spanish”, not the real one) sound like the language of faggots.

  6. I know someone who is Mexican, and he also can’t stand this song. (he’s also Christian) Also, did you knock Dragon Ball Z?!?

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