Destiny 2 – Angry Review

AngryJoe gears up for Destiny 2, currently smashing records will this make up for the misfire of the first and is its truly the worthy sequel we deserve? All aspects played and reviewed in this exhaustive look at Bungie’s latest!

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  1. Careful or your redhead friend may take the “Angry” mantle away from you. O.O I didn’t play the first one so I’m just going to skip this one too. Although, I think the “kicking chickens” thing is a bit of a nitpick.

  2. I keep screaming into the wind that these super-high budget, mass marketed games are really $90+ when it’s all said an done.

    They PLAN for you to spend upwards of a hundred dollars to recoup their massive budgets and executive salaries, but the typical gamer has been conditioned to pay no more than $60 for a retail game…So the gaming industry has been selling us games in installments under the guise of “season passes”.

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