Diablock Convoy – V-Build

Time to unearth another unopened relic of Vangelus’s ’07 and ’08 Japan adventures!

About Vangelus

A boy who became a man(child), whose lifelong hobbyist passion is the pursuit of toy.  Check out reviews, live through kit-builds, and survive whatever else may come.  Don't worry, The Subtitles will stay by your side...most of the time.

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  1. The currency of Japan is the yen.

    The ‎¥5880 cost in Canadian dollars (as of April 27th, 2016) is $63.

    What kind of visa did you have?

    Can you read カタカナ?

    Can you read ひらがな ?

    Can you read 漢字?

    ラーメン is pronounced “ræmɛn” and not “rɔmən”.

    Canada uses Celsius / Centigrade.

    At time frame 1:13:12 the female human says “We would have to go out and buy a DVD”.

    Canada possibly has Blue Rays.

    Will the purchased DVD be from a リサイクルショップ?

    There is a difference in meaning between “click” and “clique”.

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