Dick or Treat – WTFIWWY Live

This week: A bad way to hit your parents up for cash, a worse way to dispose of your mentor’s ashes, and it wouldn’t be Halloween without blackface …

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  1. The election never felt like Gozer but after you said about choosing our destroyer, Tara, I now believe it is…

  2. Oh, man, the next episode is going to be such a downer in the beginning. Maybe N&T will have a funeral for America or something.

  3. That Meth Lady story – E P I C !!

  4. Thanks guys, I needed this after this last week… next week’s episode is gonna be interesting…

  5. Let’s face it, whatever result we would have gotten during the election, we’re going to have a Civil War.

  6. Sadly there are several reasons people use to justify Meth:
    1. They think it will make them more productive, as it increases concentration whilst reducing the desire for sleep.
    2. They think it will improve their sex life, as it lowers inhibitions.
    3. They (especially female users) think it will help them lose weight, as it temporarily suppresses appetite.

  7. ( 3:08 ) Never before has she spoken truer than at that moment.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I have provisions to gather and a nuclear bunker to prepare… ”Fallout is coming”.

  8. @5:38 And already I can tell I’m gonna need another gin and tonic.

  9. Florida also voted in recreational marijuana use. So yeah, you’ve got job security for the next couple years at least.

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