Did Goku Really Learn Ultra Instinct? – A Dragon Ball Discussion

Goku and his body may have discovered this new Ultra Instinct power, but is it something he ACTUALLY LEARNED? Maybe this new power is something trying to reach out, like Goku is being possessed by something? Might this something BE the terrible thing that awaits the omniverse? Are the Grand Priest and his angels the real good guys after all?

Bruce Faulconer Medley/Dragonball Z – Rob Tando


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  1. Hmm, interesting theory, but I get the impression Goku is tapping into something that exists innately within him as opposed to being possessed by an outside force. He’s acting on a purely instinctual level, movement without thought. You know, the whole Bruce Lee being like water philosophy. In regards to the omen aspect, I think that may just refer to the fact that what we’ve seen so far may just be a prelude to the full potential of Ultra Instinct, as the episode 116 teaser seems to suggest. But really who knows, they do try to misdirect us sometimes.

  2. A few things don’t work with this. First of all, why was the Grand Priest afraid of Ultra Instinct if it is an angelic energy? Then there is the matter of what that means for Zamasu. There is also the matter of how the second Omni-King figures into this if the malice of one universe can carry over into another. There is also the matter of, well why Goku, if this is a nexus for other universes why wouldn’t these temporal poltergeists just start taking over everyone?

  3. That’s an interesting theory but I still prefer one I heard from a youtuber called Jaxblade. He thinks this form “Mushin Goku” is a reference to a theory of fighting that Bruce Lee came up with. You give up all ego and unnecessary thoughts and let your years of training take total control of your movement so it seems like your punches throw themselves when the opportunity comes up.

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