Die Hard – Lost in Adaptation

The Dom looks at a book that was so overshadowed by the film adaptation very few people even know it exists anymore.

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Reviewer of games, TV shows and movies. The Dom also likes to look at film adaptations of books and talk about what got lost transitioning from page to screen.


  1. Had to be convinced there was a book = LOL !!!

  2. First! Ahhhh, king of the impossible!!

    Though my feelings with you on Christmas are similar, I’m glad you started on doing Christmas specials: this was fantastic!! Old men and guns need to show up more in your show.
    The movie seems more likable then the book and less preachy.
    If the villain is a Robin Hood character, then consider the actor, things would have been much funnier

    6:52 Auuuh, someday you’ll get it

    Please, do the 1999 Mansfield Park as soon as you can. Please? Happy Christmas

  3. Excellent review as ever. I never knew there was a book, but it sounds like this is one of the few cases where the movie may actually be better. It’s hard to get behind a stone cold killer as the hero. I do feel like Bruce did an excellent job speaking aloud his thoughts without it seeming too campy. Lots of people actually do speak their thoughts aloud, especially under pressure, as it helps to focus the mind. Many probably never notice they even do this.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    If people don’t know if this wasa book than will they be ever surprised to find out that I know what you did last summer(that teen slasher flick from the 90s) was actually a book and also I believe that’s one you could do(only of you can bring up some points that jamietud hasn’t already covered in his episode). Fantastic episode as always I love seeing you as an old man and I especially loved the Kung Kwon Todd cameo at the end.

  5. Thank god, someone on this site who doesn’t give a shit about christmas.

  6. I’ve never seen Die Hard so I had no idea that there was anything Christmas related in it. LOL. Oh, also, I like that subversion of OF COURSE.

  7. Now I kind of wonder if Lethal Weapon is a book, because it also was a die hard action movie set around Christmas time. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out it was based on a book at all actually.

  8. I’m kind of torn on which take on the story was better.

    If they were to do a remake and stuck well with the book’s content, it would make for an interesting, albeit disturbing sort of deconstruction of “action heroes”. (The scenario of the retiree protagonist hitting on a much-younger woman seems like a dead giveaway for that kind of thing.)
    Considering the book was published in the late 1970s, I would not be surprised if that was the style/intent the author was going for. The book sounds like it’s got a bit of a disillusioned, angry feel to it like “Taxi Driver” or “French Connection”.

    However the movie is definitely a lot of fun and is one of the few action movies I get excited to watch again.

    I kind of wish they kept the anarchist angle for the bad guys. Still keep Hans a stone-cold villain, but it could have given his character a little bit of depth. And the homicidal lengths he goes to in the name of justice, that could have had an angle of “what happens when you take a good cause too far”.
    But that’s just me speculating like the fangirl I am. (I still have a huge crush on Alan Rickman.)

  9. what about Christmas Carol

    • No shortage there: from Muppets to Patrick Stewart to Winnie the Pooh Easter movies to Mickey Mouse to motion capture….I’m beginning to see the reason: some of these are pretty good at inducing insanity.

      Not a good Christmas present

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