Disco Bajingo – WTFIWWY Live

This week: a landmark is destroyed by a lack of math, a PC repair becomes a hostage situation and we discover a new terror alert level: “orgy.”

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  1. MATH it will be the death of us all…or at least for truck drivers.

  2. Could you imagine a 1970s intrauterine stereo? The size of a Pringles can with genuine faux wood finish and a half inch thick, 6 foot cord trailing from under the orange flower print maternity dress to plug into the giant matching hi-fi in the rec room. While an 8 track played the BeeGees.

  3. Miracle was starving. What’s a starving cat to do?

  4. I’m deeply ashamed that I know this, but…there’s already a music-powered vibrator. It’s called the OhMiBod. You plug it into your ipod or whatever, and it vibrates in time with the music.

  5. The color coded terror alert system wa actually replaced in 2011 with a simpler system: telling people if they think shit is actually going to happen.

  6. The other problem with the whole vagina-speaker thing is that you’re not supposed to play music for the womb very loud or for very long because the amniotic fluid can amplify the sound. Think Darla from Finding Nemo banging on the fish tank.

  7. America: Founded on guns, by guns, for guns.
    The rest of the world: Not.

  8. @10:43 Why didn’t she just google the unit conversions?

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