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Lindsay and her sassy straight(?) friend take a trip to the most magical place on Earth to examine Disney’s ever-evolving treatment of heterosexual romance.

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  1. I also thought that the changes started with the most recent movies like brave, but the more I think about it Beauty and The Beast subverts some of the more traditional Disney tropes.

    This video was really funny, it’s nice to see Lindsay Ellis again.

    • Well to be fair Lindsay still makes videos (her whole patreon “once a month I’ll make a Loose Character video” didn’t really hold but still something) but yeah guess even if there’s been some obvious tear and break downs between Doug and producers (well I think Doug and Lindsay are still on good terms and friends but I don’t think Doug would ever ask a cameo for anything again) you can still see some due to relations they have with other people on the site, which is neat.

      And I do think it’s a good idea to do updates for this sort of thing to point out how Disney in the last few years has changed their policy in certain things. And granted in the movies we still haven’t seen full on queer character reveals of any major players (though how awesome would that be with Elsa in the Frozen sequel… seriously that needs to happen) but on the sidelines or glimpses of them are good. Plus I like pointing how Beauty and the Beast in a way started this trend as it was a knock on the traditional sort of romance (as someone like Gaston would normally be the hero in something like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty) and how these social emotional norms are changing over the years. Heck even their cartoons actually have open gay characters with the reveal of the two cops from Gravity Falls being a couple.

      Though yeah Rantasmo if we’re talking about children’s media dealing with showcasing queer characters, I think you know what show you have to cover down the road. Yeah I know probably a bunch of people have bugged you about doing Steven Universe but there’s honestly a lot of ground to cover there and really I liked how you went about pointing how unique the Korrsami relationship was in your legend of Korra video and that was a series with very little LBGT material to pick apart. Steven Universe has quite a bit more so it’d be really interesting to talk about.

      • thatchickwithlonghair

        No, Elsa being a lesbian would NOT be awesome and people need to stop saying it.

        • I agree – Elsa shouldn’t be a lesbian, because she serves stronger as an independent character, showing one does not need a partner to achieve anything as an adult. To me, the ‘GiveXaX’ campaigns aren’t about those specific characters, so much as voicing a desire for a character like them. It would be good if there was a lesbian princess, or a gay adventurer, or superhero, or whatever main character, and begin to portray such things as normal in a wider array of media (where the fact they’re gay isn’t the focus of the movie or show or whatever; that character just is gay).

          Sadly, we’re probably a long way off that – possibly gay background characters in Zootopia and Finding Dory are denied due to their ambiguity, and people protest the idea of Deadpool having a boyfriend not because it wouldn’t make sense due to Vanessa, but because ‘he’s not gay, that homo stuff is just joking’, despite the creators stating that his sexuality fluctuates. Add to that the fact major box office China won’t allow LGBT+ characters in movies or TV shows shown in the country, and yeah, it’ll probably be a decade or so before we see some movement on that idea.

          • So a lesbian Elsa couldn’t also be an independent character? It’s entirely possible (and I hope likely) that “the fact that they’re gay” wouldn’t be “the focus of the movie”. This reminds me of the “as long as it’s not forced” argument that Rantasmo tackled back in his Baldur’s Gate video.

            What would you consider a good portrayal of a LGBT character in media, and why would you think that’s not possible for Elsa?

          • Theoretically an independent Elsa could be lesbian, but if she’s independent, whether she likes guys or girls wouldn’t come up, because she wouldn’t express any interest in a partner. Elsa seems important because she’s the first female princess who DOESN’T get a prince – she can stand on her own, and to the audience, that can be an important lesson to impart. Giving her a princess instead would still be giving her a pointless romantic interest, the gender would just be different.

            I think a good portrayal of an LGBT+ character would be one who, if they have a same sex partner, it’s there, and no one points out ‘how different it is’. It’s just portrayed. If not with someone, then they could show interest in someone or it could be organically mentioned in conversation or that, like how in the the animated Batman: Bad Blood, Kate’s dad brings up her liking women (heck, later she’s even on a date with one if I recall). If it’s a TV show they might mention the issues they face as an LGBT+ person maybe once (eg. Like Starfire and Cyborg of Teen Titans where they have that conversation about prejudice they face, but if Cyborg flat out said it was because he was black and not a cyborg).

            I’m a gay guy myself – I want more gay characters. But I don’t want the fact they are gay to be treated as some event to throw a parade over, nor subtle to the point where others can argue ‘you’re interpreting it wrong’. There’s a middle ground I think.

          • I think the point was that Elsa doesn’t need any relationship at all and shouldn’t feel forced to be in one.

  2. GenrlContctUnit Arbitrary

    Rantasmo I don’t entirely get the point of (closeted) straight guy character?

    Are you making fun of your past closeted self, are you saying all homophobic dudebros are secretly closeted and insecure about it, are you just trolling any audience members who seriously want you to talk things that effect straight people?

    • It’s sort of a parody of straight people missing queer subtexts or denying it mixed with the character being a part of his past when he was closeted. It’s also an annual/anniversary character. He’s also said(in twitter) that the “homophobes are secretly gay” trope is harmful and not based on facts. Anw, just check his “Dante’s Cove Needs More Straight” episode(which is Rantastero’s last revival before this) for a clearer picture of the character

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Hey Rantastero why don’t you have your own Twitter page?

    Btw great video i didn’t think Rantastero would only get a full episode but this was awesome and nice to see Lindsey again

  4. I missed you Lindsey!

  5. This reminds me of last month’s Nostalgia Critic episode, the top 11 Disney Princess conspiracies. One of them was the theory that Elsa was a lesbian, but the only real evidence presented was the fact that she wasn’t in any kind of romantic relationship. As a guy who has had his sexuality questioned multiple times for no other reason than being single I find that SUPER offensive. Don’t get me started on the closet metaphor for concealing her powers and stuff, you aren’t a special little snowflake because you felt you had to keep a secret about yourself in order to be accepted by society, just about all of us go through that and it sucks but not because we’re all secretly gay/trans/whatever.

    • Dude I freaking hear you.

      There is this thing where someone MUST be in a relationship and if they aren’t then they must be gay. Its doubly offensive both for the fact it implies gay people are lonely and the only reason someone is alone is because they are gay and because it implies someone has to be in a romantic relationship to be complete.

      I like Elsa in the fact she is comfortable being who she is. She don’t need no man or woman to be happy. She is happy with friends, with family, and herself.

  6. Hahaha! I love Rantasmbro! You go get your sexy Gaston man! You go get him! 😀

  7. Hahaha, that final scene had me in stitches. Not to mention that this video was really cool!

  8. Hmm. I think Disney still has a long way to go if it is portraying male sexuality as toxic and implying that men can only be good people if they are feminized.

    • thatchickwithlonghair

      I never really thought of having good manners and sensitivity as “feminized”. More like “human decency”. Like Gaston acting manly doesn’t make him an ass; his selfish narcissism does.

  9. Like it should be, death to Gay people!

  10. Faggots should be weirdos by Nature, but at least Bisexual females are sort of fine to me, look how the hell I can get laid heterosexually in this country or New York City if most girls or women I meet at Coney Island prefer their own womenfolk (maybe they were only platonic friends, but an increasing number of Latinos or Latinas are becoming Lesbian here in Brooklyn) and rejecting men like me on fucking sight. I’m not that lucky as a person you know, that’s I blame LGBT Revolution and accepted Culture and I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I don’t have much friends even though I’m handsome, smart, well-meaning and kind when I can be.

  11. I’m not Macho Man.

  12. I’m a sensitive, sentimental, straight heterosexual man who wants and deserves love and sex.

  13. Why is Lindsey not Nostalgia Chick anymore?

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