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Is Glenn Close pulling a Christopher Walken?

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  1. I’ll admit, I love someone who takes a dull role and goes gloriously hammy with it. They can turn a movie from boring to awesome.

    • Glenn Close did get a Golden Globe nomination for it. It probably revitalized her career too. I wonder if this means you’re skipping the Disney Sequels Doug, huh?

    • I totally agree. My favorite is Alan Rickman in Robin Hood the Prince of Thieves, but Cruella de Vill actually DOES come in second!
      I regret he didn’t mention Mr. Skinner though. I loved John Shrapnel’s performance, but what captivated me the most is seeing such two different villains – the juicily flamboyant and off the rocker Cruella along with sinisterly silent (mute) and minimalistic Mr. Skinner – working off of each other in the same movie and delivering such a smashing duo!

  2. Was hoping we’d get Homeward Bound (1993)

  3. yeah, I actually like this one allot more than the original, and allot of it comes from the performance

  4. Hugh Laurie was in this? Well how about that.

  5. I grew up with the live action movie more than I did the animated one. I don’t remember Glenn Close’s performance in this. I remember her outfits! Haha. I really want to rewatch this now. Just the clips that you showed of her performance made me laugh so hard. Heck, I’m laughing as I type this.

  6. Do Homeward Bound 1 and 2. Do Buzz Light-year movie! Do Goofy Movie 2, do Honey We Shrunk Ourselves! Hmm… Anything else that I’m missing. O yeah, all the 2D animated Disney sequels that have been skipped over. We all know that most are not good but none the less they are worth reviewing. Heck some might be so bad that they are worth the Nostalgia Critic like with the Princess Diaries movie. I don’t know it’s just a thought. Next Year he could do all the Marvel and DC movies.

  7. Talking about Hugh laurie, Doug, how about a “House M.D” editorial or review? I´m really interested in what you think about that show.

  8. I have not seen this movie in a long time. I remember the trailers for the sequel though. Anyone else remember the sequel?

  9. Ever since you briefly mentioned this one way back when you did the animated original film, I have been WAITING and HOPING to see your take on this one.

  10. And yeah, Close’s performance is over the top, but that’s what made the movie for me as a kid because it was just so enjoyable over the top. You made a perfect comparison when you said Tim Curry.

  11. I wonder if he will look at 102 Dalmatians?

  12. I think that Glenn Close is amazing as Cruella de Vil. Such weird casting, but such a great performance.

    • Yeah. I agree. But I do have to disagree with Doug just on one part. When he’s talking about what a hoot Glenn Close is. That scene where Horace and Jasper call her to tell her that they kidnapped the puppies and then she walks into the background and starts cackling… that wasn’t a hoot, that was fucking terrifying. The combination of the set design, performance, mood, and music just made it incredibly and convincingly terrifying.

      • I agree, it was one of the best (and most used on trailers) scene, that triumphant laugh that gives a solid shape to the character. Animated or live-action, Cruela has always been one of my favorite villains. She is classy, original, hilariously scandalous, and the live action movie had a RIOT designing her outfits to be just as extravagant as Glenn Close can act. She is like a fur-covered lady gaga, for crying out loud xD and for some reason, I always loved that hair of her. Half black, half whit,e heck, I even like to use that hair when I draw anime characters, male or female.

  13. I had totally forgot that Jeff Daniels is in this movie.

  14. I wonder if hes going to review Escape from Witch Mountain or the sequel

  15. I remember the sequel better than the first movie, since I was old enough to see it at the movies. I remember enjoying it for exactly the reasons Doug said, cute puppies and a hilarious villain.

  16. Surprised you enjoyed it more than I thought. But I see what you did with that end pun “hit the spot”. UUGGH!

  17. Overall, I do not care about this movie except for one thing: Glenn Close. To me, she can do no wrong. I don’t know why, but I am absolutely in love with everything the woman does.

  18. While I do agree that the animated 101 Dalmations gets more credit than it deserves (seriously, how did it end up as one of the 5 highest rated Diseny movies on Rotten Tomatoes?), and I thought a lot of his points on it were dead on, I do still think it has more charm than this movie. Glenn Close sure as heck made her bit work, but otherwise, it’s hammy and juvenile where the original had Disney’s unforced charisma. Still, it’s true it could have been worse. Making the dogs talk probably would have crossed the line.

  19. Wait, if Doug was okay with this movie, then why did he list it as one of the terrible movies John Hughes made in one of his NC videos? I know not all of the opinions he makes as the NC are his but, still, that seems a little odd…

  20. Oh my god, Thank You for making that reference towards the end about Santa Paws!
    So, let me back up…. this movie, to say is one of my childhood favorites is a understatement.
    At the same time, I had grown up, before this movie was made, already loving the animated Disney classic.
    So when this came along, I was NOT disappointed in the very LEAST that the dogs/puppies did not talk!

    I mean, come on, and think about it, it’s fucking common sense! Do dogs and puppies talk in real life?!
    No! And that’s why, any movie that has done such a thing, where they make live-action dogs or puppies able to talk, is a just laughably bad. Movies like this and Airbud got it right. The later, more recent ones, just, no. Just no!

    Anyway it’s not just seeing the dogs, puppies or Glenn Close. I love every bit of this movie, including Jeff Daniels, but especially Hugh Laurie! Man even back before House existed I loved that actor! His performance as Jasper was not one to forget!

    But yeah, as time went on, I never cared for the sequels, to both the original animated one, OR this live action one. They were just cash-ins trying to milk them for all their glory.

    Anyway, those are my opinions for the 101 Dalmations movies, and I’m sticking to them!

    • “I mean, come on, and think about it, it’s —-ing common sense! Do dogs and puppies talk in real life?!

      Rhoads, please don’t watch any more fantasy-themed movies.

      You’re not qualified.

  21. I remember quite enjoying this as a kid (it had an airedale terrier just like my own!), but I was also really annoyed by there being skunks and raccoons in it. We don’t have skunks and raccoons in Britain!

    God, I must have been an annoying kid…

  22. I was really happy that the dogs didn’t talk. Really really happy.

    • If the dogs talked, it could have been so annoying at times. Also, I feel like the dogs wouldn’t have been as cute and enjoyable if the real dogs had a kid’s voice. Thank crap they went this route, instead.

  23. i really hope you get around to the live action Tall Tales with Patrick Swazye. shit was fricking epic

  24. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    It took me a couple minutes to figure it out but Horace is played by Mark Williams, aka, Mr. Weasley, aka, Rory’s dad. Not a huge thing I was just bothered I couldn’t place him.

  25. Seeing this review and watching Close’s hamminess again has got me wondering. I wonder how Victoria Smurfit is gonna play the role when Once Upon a Time comes back from its winter break.

  26. Cruella should be a Disney Princess.

    • She’s a little too nasty for that. She made a bestiality joke in this one

      Roger: Well, Anita’s pregnant-
      Cruella: Well, you know what they say…ACCIDENTS do happen…
      Roger: …and we’re expecting puppies, too.
      Cruella: *perverted leer at Roger, NOT Pongo*…MY…you’ve been a BUSY boy, haven’t you?

  27. Yeah, Glenn Close was probably the best part of the film.

  28. Another live action Cruella de Vil movie is in the works, and Glenn Close is going to be the executive producer of it. m.hollywoodreporter.com/entry/view/id/85832

  29. One of my absolute favourite childhood movies, and probably my favourite dog movie. (Sorry Homeward Bound) Loved the fact that the dogs didn’t talk, were real enough and showed the effort that went into training them. (Especially Pongo)

    As for the sequels, not a patch on the originals but not as horrifying as some sequels we’ve had to endure.

  30. Short correction: She didn’t have 99 puppies to make multiple coats. She didn’t think fifteen would be enough to make one coat.

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