101 Dalmatians (Live Action) – Disneycember

Is Glenn Close pulling a Christopher Walken?

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  1. I frigging loved this movie and I still do Glenn Close as Cruella De Vill ? PERFECT CASTING !! I saw this one after seeing the animated version when I was five when this came out I thought O GOD No They are going to ruin it !! But I was utterly surprised, I liked the fact the dogs didn’t talk cause it made the movie more fun to watch for me. I hope you talk about Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey and The live action verison of The Jungle Book somewhere down the road.

  2. One tragedy of this movie was so many dalmatians were bought and then abandoned by idiots who watched the movie and wanted puppies that acted like they did in the movie.

    I’ll never understand why Cruella puts so much effort into kidnapping 15 puppies when just buying some elsewhere would be SO EASY! Hell, that’s probably how she got the other 84.

  3. I’m still REALLY upset that you had TWO opportunities to use a 101% joke and DIDN’T.

  4. I think I saw some scenery with Glenn Close’s teeth marks on it…

  5. It think the best way to explain the problem with the dogs not talking is summed up the same way James Rolfe explained the problem with the third Turtles films. You say the can’t talk because it’s live action, well that’s the fucking point it shoudn’t have been live action!

  6. I’ve never seen this movie, and…yeah, when you showed those clips of Glenn Close being insane, I started laughing. And I NEVER laugh. I’m actually tempted to watch it next time it’s on TV now.

  7. I wondered why he didn’t mention Gérard Depardieu stomping around like an ogre, turns out it that’s the second one.

  8. Ok… so you don’t like the Mononoke character and you like anything having to do with this movie? Wait what??!!!

  9. I saw this in theaters with my younger sisters back when we were seeing everything Disney put out and maybe it was my age but I was bored. I loved Glenn Close as Cruella da Ville of course, but I couldnt’ get over the silent animals. Now I can see where the movie’s coming from and I might have to watch it again, at least for Close 😛

  10. i keep hearing him say anime version.

  11. I feel the same as you. I think this movie is just okay. I don’t remember the animated movie much. 102 Dalmations was pretty bad, though. But still not as bad as Princess Diaries 2.

  12. What has always bugged me about this this film is the inclusion of Skunk’s and Raccoon’s which are both pretty much only native to america, and yet the film is set in London. It’s just so half arsed, if Raccoon’s where that necessary to continuation of the story that they just couldn’t be left out then set the bloody film in america. Even when I was eight I remember watching the film and being annoyed about the skunk that they stuck in for a cheap laugh. Pick a continent and bloody stick with it movie

  13. In theater wepraise her performance as Cruella, but in the second not so much curious what you think of that one.

  14. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I also was laughing at glenn close i thought she was just having fun in the role.I also think the puppy’s are cute as well.I also would like the critic to review the sequel 102 dalmations (which is way worse then it’s predecessor,really i’m not joking.

  15. I think the reason that this movie is better than the animated really is Glenn Close making Cruella her own. She just totally gets into the role and has fun with it, maybe even more so because of how hammy and over the top the animated Cruella could be. In honesty, I don’t think any other actress could’ve played this role the way she did. And the fact that she was turned into a fashion designer and the like gave a better reason to want the dalmatian puppy coat.

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