Disneycember 2017 Preview

What is the theme of this year’s Disneycember? Click on the link and see what Doug is going to check out this year!

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  1. YES! YES! YES! I suggested this a couple of years ago. I am SO happy! December can’t come fast enough.

  2. I’m pretty excited to see what someone who didn’t grow up on these movies feels about them.

  3. Omg pleaseeeee do the high school musicals!!!!!mahlife mahsole

  4. Only two things I recognized were Kim Possible and Phineas and Ferb, so this is going to be an interesting Disneycember.

  5. 5th tee hee! free from downvotes. ^_^

  6. Ooooooooh poor Doug’s gonna watch High School Musical.

  7. Given just many Disney Channel Original Movies there have been (especially the company rebranding to that name in 1997) it’s understandable there is only going to be just some many of them.

    What a shame though, is how it is to find what the used to call the Disney Channel Premier Movies from the networks debut in 1983 up till they did the facebook and dropped the “the” from their name to because more kid oriented. Because if you look at some of their earlier movies, from my generation, they tended to have more of an edge. They still made for families, but many of them more centered on real world conflict with settings in WWII or the segregated south. Is anyone else he old enough to remember any of them? It would interest to compare and contrast with what their better know for now.

    • My favorites are the Not Quite Human films and Mother Goose Rock N’ Rhyme. There’s no way the latter could be made today with Mary’s Little Lamb smoking a cigar and all the cleavage on display in it.

  8. Oh yeah, now this is something I’m really looking forward to because I loved the TV movies back in my time.

  9. I was really hoping he’d review The Search for Christopher Robin. Maybe next year…

  10. They’re better than the direct to video sequels! Well, not by much. At least half a dozen are decent. You’ll be reviewing “Phineas And Ferb”! I love that show! Yeah, there was TV movies as far back as 1983.

  11. I’m glad to see Smart House in the preview. I had a thing for Katey Sagal when I was a kid.

  12. this is going to be fun.

  13. I remember an older one from when I was a kid, it was called something like “PUNK” or “PUNKS”. It was a sci-fi thing with a machine that would make a person super-strong but fry their nerves after prolonged use. For some reason, I’ve never been able to find a thing about that movie, almost like it didn’t exist.

    I know Doug said that he’d mainly be covering the more popular ones, but it’d be nice to confirm that the movie was real and that I haven’t been going crazy since childhood.

  14. You do Disney Channel Original Movies this year. Next year you better do the Touchstone films.

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