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Doug Walker reviews Disney’s Brother Bear

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  1. I love this movie! I still have the movie ticket. I really really love the animation. And the middle part never bothered me. Re-watching it recently however the moose were kinda a turn off but they were easily forgivable (I have so much nostalgia for it, I was like seven when it came out).

  2. ….boy Doug, you really are seriously demanding when it comes to movies, aren’t you?

  3. ….Ugh, Doug, I’m sorry, but whenever you rip on Phil Collins’ involvement in these movies you start to sound as annoying as you think he is. Even more so actually. Please. Just stop. I get that the song could have been placed somewhere else, a score would have been much better, yeah, but for the love of god, just cause you don’t like him doesn’t mean you have to shit on the face of anyone who grew up with this movie and loved the Collins music by mimicking and making fun of him and his voice and all that crap. It makes YOU come off as pathetic and annoying, even though you’re trying to make HIM sound that way. Just should have stopped with the fact that the song was ill-placed, didn’t have to go all “WAAAAAA PHIL COLLINS SUCKS, FUCK HIM!”

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