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This movie is so dumb but…it looks SOOOO GOOOOOD!

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  1. Holy crap! NO IDEA this was Disney.

  2. Which makes me stupid because I freaking OWN the movie

    • To be fair to you, Disney released it under their Touchstone label, so you won’t find the Disney logo on it. Touchstone is an alternate label Disney originally invented so they could use it for films that they felt didn’t fit the Disney brand (such as films that were considered too adult for the Disney name, hence the gruesome content Doug mentioned in his review).

      • However, the film was originally intended to be released under the Disney label, with the switch to Touchstone happening just a few weeks before its release. As for why, my guess is due to either the film being too “adult” to be use the Disney label at the time (a la Princess Mononoke back when it was first released in the United States) or Disney thinking it would make more money if it was under the Touchstone label.

  3. If this were a well written movie…
    …it would be Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

  4. This thing disturbed the shit out of me when I saw it as a kid… but… yeah, I actually can’t remember anything about the plot either…

  5. No, Doug! Todd already did this one. You can’t watch this!

    Oh, it’s not as bad when you aren’t focusing on Madonna’s acting? Nevermind then.

    (I do love how it’s almost as red and green as the NC music video. Did this come out around Christmas?)

  6. Damn, how many people on this website are going to review this same movie? It just keeps popping up, first Paw, then Todd, now Doug… I didn’t even know this movie existed a couple months ago, now I feel like I’ve seen it.

    Anyway, good review, I just have one minor note: that’s not cement, it’s concrete. It’s a common mistake, but they’re not the same thing. Cement is just a component of concrete. I know it’s pedantic, but I’m a structural engineer and that’s kind of a pet peeve of mine.

  7. I only watch this movie for Madonna and the visuals. I love everything about her character (besides the “twist”. huh?). Her outfits + her makeup + her songs = fab! For me and my tastes, I’m ALL about aesthetics. It does get a little dark for a Disney more like when Madonna gets slapped. Usually that’s not super dark but for a Disney film, it is!


  9. I remember what disappointed me the most when I fist saw this movie is how they just killed all the villains at once in one quick scene. These were all iconic Tracy villains from the comics and they just wiped them all away at once, like they were just mooks. All it said to me was “Well, I guess they aren’t doing a sequel, then.”

  10. Never saw this but i will give it a try now!

  11. I only saw it when it came out. Looking at this now, it’s incredible how much it inspired the style of Sin City. The extent to which they decided to translate a panel to a frame. Also, those city shots feel more like Little Nemo than Dick Tracy. To be fair, I’ve been looking at Little Nemo strips more recently than Dick Tracy, so there you go.

  12. Wow, it sure does feel like yesterday when Todd reviewed it weeks ago. This does look nice.

  13. I don’t remember this movie, but I do remember Daffy Duck as “Duck Twacy, the famous, detec-a-tive.” XD

  14. Will not a fan of Dick Tracy, I think you’re being hard on it NC. After all, if this came out ten years later it would be in the midst of the comic boom and probably give Sin City a run for its money. I hold these two movies at the same level because Sin City is also forgettable save for the violence and a naked Carla Gugino. Like Sin City, Dick Tracy lakes the roots for a strong noir story.

    Dick Tracy is ever the cock-eyed optimist. But a noir gumshoe isn’t smiling and hopeful, he’s hard-bitten and cynical from a world that’s disappointed him too many times. As far as the choice of color palette, I’d say Batman & Robin give Tracy a run for its money on that art direction if nothing else.

    Also not memorable? “Every where I go it’s Tracy! Tracy! Tracy!” Nuff said.

  15. His name was “Littleface,” not “Babyface.”

    What tiny thing that bugs me about this film is that they include the villain Itchy, but he scratches himself very, very rarely, making it impossible for the audience to get his gimmick.

  16. I recall when this film came out that they said they’d made it using only a certain number of colors. Every green is the same shade, every red is the same, every blue, and so forth, so it would be like a comic strip come to life.

  17. I was SUPER excited to see this movie when it came out. In fact, I even had Dick Tracy Trading cards.

    When I actually saw the movie, it was one of the first films I ever saw as a kid that disappointed me. I can’t remember whether I saw the Super Mario Movie first, or this, but whichever it was, that was the first.

  18. LonelyVoorheesGeek

    I’m surprised with all these comic books adaptations that are being made nowadays, there hasn’t been any talk of a reboot in any sort, and that’s a shame. They could make a Dick Tracy reboot in the same style as Sin City, but in color.

    Tell me that wouldn’t be a great idea!

    (Although to be fair, the mediocre reactions to Gangster Squad probably squandered that…..)

  19. James Rolfe said it best about this film ๐Ÿ˜› “Dick Tracy! Dick Tracy! Dick this and Dick that!” LOL

  20. Please please do The Lone Ranger next.

  21. Do the Rocketeer next! Not many people have heard of it, but it’s a great watch. It was directed by the same guy who did Captain America. It’s got that great 40’s pulp adventure style and the characters are a lot of fun too.

  22. Everybody on this website make Doug review Jerry Bruckheimer’s and Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger.

  23. Never watched this, but I’ve never been into Disney. Thanks for the movie!

  24. yeah, I know I’ve seen this movie, but all I really remember about it is the visuals. I don’t remember anything at all about the story.

    I’m pretty sure the kid in this is the same one who played Peter Pan’s son in Hook. I’m surprised Doug missed a chance to make a reference.

  25. You’re right. Al Pacino is really memorable. But what you’re wrong on is there’s another memorable character. Dustin Hoffman as the henchman “Mumbles.”

  26. I love this movie gdi. Dick Tracy was pretty bland, and the only thing I liked about him was his coat and hat… But the gangsters? They were a lot of fun to watch. xD

  27. What fascinated me most about this movie is that it’s basically the exact same plot as The Untouchables. A idealistic cop embarrasses himself with a failed bust on the mob, so he pulls together a crack team consisting of a chisel-chinned leader (Tracy/Ness), a rookie (Kid/Stone), a seasoned veteran in who’s getting too old for this (Catchem/Wallace) and a nerdy technical guy (Bug/Wallace.) After some initial success the mob boss (Caprice/Capone) starts bribing, then threatening him and his family and things starts escalating to high-profile murder. When a lackey (Mumbles/an accountant) is caught and confesses it leads to a climactic chase that ends in a mobster falling to his death. Even the music for slower scenes is similar.

    Mind, I still love both movies. Maybe it’s just a very good formula.

  28. Strange that Paw, Todd, and Doug all reviewed this movie this year.

  29. I’m no fan of Dick Tracy and I never even knew this movie existed, but holy f**k!
    I’m definitely gonna check this one out for the visuals alone.

    • Visually this movie is amazing! I think it has to be one of the greatest translations from other source to the screen. Perhaps the story is flawed, but at the same time the old comic strips had very weak stories anyway. I won’t spoil the ending for you — it isn’t great, but a sign of the times and the star power. Bobby2Hands — you can watch Dick Tracy this week #VOD as part of the DisneyFamilyMovies.com preview. All things side, visually it is amazing!! And worth checking out.

  30. You hit the nail on the head. I saw this movie when it was in theaters, it was great looking…and I don’t remember a dang thing about it. Heck, I saw this movie six months ago on a movie channel and I don’t remember a dang thing about it. But hey! Pacino in a Disney film! It’d make for a good trivia question…

    …I also can’t help but point out in your latest round of Disneycember, Doug, there’s an elephant that made over a billion dollars in the room. Although I don’t blame you for putting that one off. Seems you got one camp wanting you to call it one of Disney’s best animated films and another demanding it be considered their worst movie ever…so you’re going to make someone mad any way you look at it.

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