Dick Tracy – Disneycember

This movie is so dumb but…it looks SOOOO GOOOOOD!

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  1. I said this when Todd reviewed this. I still like this film. Also this film won a few awards.

  2. I get the feeling that Disney was trying to copy the feel and style of Tim Burton’s BATMAN that was just released a year earlier!

  3. Part of me is torn: on one hand I want this movie to be redone/rebooted so its story is better but on the other hand I would miss the visuals as I know it would be changed. In this day, it would have to be a “gritty, realistic reboot” if they followed current trends in comic movies. The visuals are amazing in this and something that always stuck with me even though I’ve hardly watched it since I was little (though Breathless and The Blank I also remembered unlike the goons).

    The style here is great because they were trying to give it that comic book panel feel so the fake backgrounds and sets helped bring you into that world. As someone who never read the Dick Tracy comics, I still felt like I was looking at a comic with the style and the over-exaggerated make-up on the goons. And like someone else mentioned, it reminded me of the Daffy Duck cartoon that spoofed Tracy.

    It is funny that a mostly forgotten movie just happened to have 3 reviews recently. Paw’s dart landing on this, Todd deciding to go through Madonna’s film career, and Doug talking about movies he skipped in the previous Disneycember — the Universe was giving a little nudge for this movie. lol

    I agree with Doug: the story is the weakest part — very forgettable — but if you like visually distinctive movies, definitely give this a watch.

  4. Like you Doug I can barely remember much about this movie. I do remember Madonna in it though for some of her parts. It’s a pretty looking film but has no depth which I kind of guess was the point of it. Overall I don’t remember disliking it when I saw it but it’s not a movie I feel bothered about re-watching.

    Dough I really really really really hope you do Mickey’s A Christmas Carol this Disneycember. It’s one of my favourite children movies when I was younger. Woefully under-appreciated too. It has imo one of the best Ghosts of Christmas Past in any Christmas Carol adaption. You’ll see 😉

    Of course I’m still waiting and hoping you review all of these Disney films at some point: The Incredible Journey, The Three Lives of Thomasina, One of Our Dinosaurs are Missing, Dragonslayer, One Magic Christmas and The Incredible Journey. All of these Disney distributions were faves of mine as a child.

  5. Madonna singing with Mandy Patinkin is my favorite scene of this movie.

  6. Yeah, I saw this in theaters when I was a kid and I thought I liked it then but now I see that it hardly had a plot to speak of and nothing memorable, except the visuals which were great and was the best part of the film.
    I also remember the toys and used to have a couple of them.

  7. Hmm, interesting. I never saw this movie in my life, but I do remember the trailer for it. Kind of reminds me of how I feel with Speed Racer: over saturation of colors and less on content.

  8. I have this movie, and I don’t watch it very often. It’s a beautiful, gorgeous movie. And then the plot starts… You’re right. An hour after watching the movie, I don’t remember anything about it except how gorgeous it is to look at.


  9. Don’t forget the nudity!

    I really like this movie a lot. The acting, characters and their motivations just go along par with the style. The sort of hammy, over-the-top narrations and dialogue match those old 30s/40s movies. When you watch Public Enemy, you see James Cagney as the bad guy. That’s about it. I think to give the characters more than what they’re given would ruin the homage.

    To not remember the plot or what happens, well, that’s just on you. **Spoilers** I mean when Madonna reveals to be No Face I remember even as a kid I was like, “Holy Shit!”

  10. The cement scene freaked me out when I was a kid. It’s one of the things I could still remember after decades of not thinking about this movie.

  11. This is pretty much how I felt with Interstellar. Phenomenal concepts, filmmaking, and score (I’m surprised you didn’t bring it up in your review), but mixed with a dull way of communicating what it was trying to get across to the audience.

  12. Too bad you couldn’t recommend it. At least it was great in some areas!

  13. What’s the name of the background music in this review?

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