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A raccon with a machine gun? OF COURSE this would be awesome! Doug takes a look at Guardians of the Galaxy.

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  1. I think Gamora was supposed to be like Leonardo: serious and morally upstanding where Drax was supposed to be like Rapheal: Serious but a ton more aggressive.

  2. Speak for youself, Doug. As soon as I saw the trailer for this movie, I KNEW this was going to score big. People LOVE this kind of stuff. I don’t understand this lack of communication between critics and audiences that leads to the former thinking that the latter for SOME reason won’t eat this shit up.

    Haven’t they learned from Star Wars? Insane sci-fi nonsense is one of the biggest box office draws of all time.

  3. Critic I’m starting to question your sanity and taste. Gamora was clearly the straight man. she was raised as an assassin. She aint gonna be funny. Drax wasnt the straight man he was funny BECAUSE he didnt understand metaphors. Also are you color blind? Drax is green not gray

  4. GreenGoblinsOckVenom86

    The funny thing about the villain Ronan is that for a long time in the comics he was actually a Fantastic Four villain. He even first appeared in an FF comic and was a big villain for them back in the 70s. I actually liked him and I believe he may come back for a sequel. I did think it was so badass that he ended up killing that servant of Thanos who gave Loki a lot of trouble in Avengers like he was nothing. He literally just waves his giant hammer and kills him. And Thanos doesn’t even care. He even acts like he’s not at all intimidated by Thanos and even ends up deciding he is going to try and destroy him. Anyway, I wish I could read the original 70s comics of these characters but there seems to be no TPB of them.

  5. Of all the phase 2 movies in the MCU, Guardians of the Galaxy is my favorite.
    1) Guardians of the Galaxy
    2) Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    3) Avengers: Age of Ultron
    4) Iron Man 3
    5) Thor: The Dark World

    • Well to be honest it’s the only one that doesn’t Suck, swallow, then vomit it back up just so it can swallow again. There’s not much competition for best movie out of the ones you listed and honestly Winter Soldier by far is the worst movie out of phase 2.

  6. So now that Marvel owns Disney, they just have to start killing off kid’s parents!

  7. THis movie was definitely a step up after Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and especially Winter Soldier, but it wasn’t all that good, it still had more than it’s fair share of tropes, like the collector guy who always seems to be the same guy and always seems to be surrounded by a horde of or random things most of which are CGI. But it’s a Solid OK movie.

    • Are you implying that having tropes is some sort of negative? Because last time I checked tropes are tools, they aren’t inherently bad. It is quite literally impossible to make a movie which does not use at least one trope, because there is nothing new under the sun.

  8. You know you keep saying how much you like Loki and how ever other Villains are bland. But if you read most of the old comic Loki is VERY cliche. It is Tom Hiddleson’s acting that brought more to the character and changed him more for the comics. One of the most in depth villains Marvel has Fox has control of and keep crapping all over who he is and that is Dr. Doom. They Also have Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse. very in depth Villains with interesting backstories

  9. I found this movie being very dull and stopped watching it after half an hour. Yep, flick about talking tree and trigger-happy raccoon is boring.

  10. What you talk about is something I liked : The pacing. The movie does not respect standards, placing emotional scenes anywhere and don’t minding how long they last. That felt natural to me, I didn’t feel locked in cinema standards. This movie does it more than once and it always feels a bit uneasy but new and good.

    I did love the movie, I have watched it again since I went to the cinema… I find that through the natural tone of the movie, the fight between the team members and where they come from, the world which is great and filled with great powers… I can’t not love the way they unite, in pain, but for the best with their own set of differences.

    The best scene to me that explains my feeling is when Drax tries to confort Rocket Raccoon when he thins he lost Groot : He tries to gently pet him, you get the amount of effort it takes to him to try this, and you also get that RR doesn’t like it at first but gets it, he gets that Drax has understood his feelings. Haven’t seen any movie talking me like this, and I can’t wait to see another.

  11. The reason why Gamora is like this is… because they are the characters they are.
    The adaption is PERFECT, they are the exact same character from the comic books.

    That’s why.

  12. And now I have to put the Blu-Ray back in the player…

  13. I LOVED this movie. I thought that it might be cheesy but I always had a feeling that I would like it. I thought that the beginning was odd but besides, that it’s just a bunch of awesomeness.

  14. Everyone thought it was gonna be a faillure ? Funny that’s not the feedback i saw on the internet before the movie’s release. Everyone was excited about it. The trailer had done his job well.

  15. You forgot to mention the soundtrack

  16. No Howard the Duck comment? Man Doug, I was really looking forward to your reaction on that! Oh well, next time I guess. X)”

  17. “Who the hell is reading a comic about a raccoon with a machine gun?!”

    …I… was… Not the 2012 run, though (I hate it so much, so so so much), I started reading GotG before it was relaunched in 2012, so I only got to read the 2008 run. I was the crazy person who was actually invested in these characters and this movie like two years before it even came out. And… yeah, I gotta admit it, I haven’t met a lot of people like me. However, I see the marvel movies as a thing of their own, and I try to not compare it to much to the comics. You know how alternative universes in comics just take the characters and give them new lives and stories? The movies are that to me. I don’t expect them to be an adaptation of the comics– I expect to be their own stories. And for the most part they are, though they do take a lot from the comics.

    And man, this movie is a perfect example of being its own story. It has NOTHING to do with the comics (at least not to the 2008 run, which is the one I’ll be referring to from now on, since I haven’t read a lot of the 2012– it destroyed everything that made GotG original and fun for me, so I simply dropped it). Even the characters are completely different… well, not Rocket and Groot, they’re just like in the comics. But Peter, Gamora and Drax? You can’t even recognize them. They’re different people! In in Drax’s case, that was a good thing. Drax in the comics is a real jerk and it’s really hard to like him, honestly.

    For the most part, I have no complains about the changes. Again, the movie has to be its own story, and while GotG was fun to read, it was a really dark story and one that started after a complicated time in the cosmic-verse in Marvel (the Annihilation Wars, which happened more or less at the same time Civil War happened). The movie didn’t have all that baggage, so the story had to be different. This applies a lot to Peter– In the comics, he’s not only older, but he was a lot of emotional baggage. His story is one of a hero who ends up screwing up so bad that he can be considered a villain, so he spends the rest of his story (from his return during Thanos’ stay at Kyln, to the end of Guardians of the Galaxy) making up for his mistakes. And while I love that Peter, I also understand that a character like that probably might not be the best choice to introduce an audience to whole new universe they know nothing about. They could have Peter grow into that eventually, though I don’t really know if they’ll have the guts to go that dark. We’ll have to wait and see.

    When it comes to Gamora, I do have a lot of complains. Gamora isn’t my favorite lady in the team, but she’s so incredibly badass. I admit I haven’t read a lot of her in the comics. She has a lot more story than Peter does, actually. But I got to see her in the Annihilation Wars and in Guardians of the Galaxy, and she’s so badass. She’s called The Strongest Woman in the Universe, and it’s accurate. She’s savage. She’s fearless, and strong, and she could make the guys at Kyln in the movie piss themselves with just one look. I don’t like a lot of things about her character in the comics, I admit it, but she’s… she’s so much stronger than Gamora in the movie. And she isn’t so serious, she’s not the “Team’s Mom” or anything like that. She’s the person who doesn’t take shit from anybody, swears a lot, and has no patience for the idiocy of her teammates. Comics!Gomara would’ve been so much funnier in the movie than the washed up version we got. And don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t a bad character, but she was rather disappointing and a bit cliché. It was hard to buy her as an assassin, really– and her actress doesn’t help. I adore Zoe Saldana, but she’s… tiny. She seems kind of fragile, in my opinion. She simply doesn’t look like Gamora should look (like a tall, bulky woman. I’m not sure but I think she was even taller than Peter). It’s hard to take her seriously like that.

    And her romance with Peter was so… boring. In the comics they barely get along, really. Peter doesn’t have many romantic subplots in Guardians of the Galaxy. He gets really close to Mantis, and there are some romantic undertones there, but it doesn’t really develop to a serious romantic relationship. And that was nice. It allowed us to enjoy more of the action and the humor and the drama. But the movie had to have some romance, right? And it bothers me a lot because Gamora already is the token chick in the team, and she seems to be there just to be the romantic interest. I understand that they couldn’t put all the characters of the team in the first movie, it would’ve been difficult to manage, but… there are three other girls there. Why not replace Drax for his daughter? Moondragon is another badass woman– and she’s a psychic, she’d bring something new to the team! And in the comics, SHE’S the one that survives. She’s the one who watches her parents die! It isn’t Drax! I’m not even asking if they could’ve put Mantis in there, because I know I’m biased, she’s my favorite– but Moondragon would’ve been a nice addition to the team, even though I love movie!Drax.

    Also, about Ronan not being an interesting villain: …yeah, I agree. Although, honestly, he isn’t really a villain in the comics. He’s actually kinda Peter’s friend. Okay, not really friend, but they… stand each other? And Ronan is the one who gets Peter out of Kyln! Actually Ronan is a bit nicer in the comics, as a character. I’m not too fond of him, but he seems to have more depth. On the other hand, Thanos does have a deep connection with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and actually the end of the 2008 run happens in an arc called “Thanos Imperative”. I think they could’ve used him better. Thanos is a fun villain in the comics– well, at least what I got to read about him in GotG. He’s fun because he’s REALLY clever, he knows A LOT about the cosmic-verse and he understand things the main characters will never be able to understand, but at the same time he’s out of his mind. He’s really enjoyable, because he has some of the elements that Loki has in the movies, but he also has some level of maturity that Loki lacks. There’s a lot to work with there.

    All in all, I enjoyed the movie, though I fully admit that they could’ve done better things with it. However, I understand that it is a bit hard. The cosmic-verse isn’t JUST sci-fi, it has a lot of… kinda magical stuff, and up until now the MCU hasn’t really touched on that. Maaaybe they will when Dr Strange comes out, I don’t know. I hope they do, because that will open a lot of doors for them, and they kinda need to introduce that magical element to fully capture the uniqueness of the cosmic-verse and how big it really is. In any case, I can understand most of the choices they made with this movie (except everything related to Gamora and to having just one girl in the team). All in all, it was a fun movie and it’s not a bad adaptation, considering just how complicated the cosmic-verse is. They knew how to present this bizarre and complex universe in a way that everyone can understand it (because believe me, if you try to pick up comics from the cosmic-verse without knowing a thing about it, you’ll gonna have to prepare yourself to read a looooooot from wikipedia and comicvine if you hope to understand what the heck is happening), and that isn’t an easy job. It’s also pretty hard to make a movie about characters that nobody knows or cares about, it’s risky, but they made it work. I can appreciate that.

  18. I’m disappointed you didn’t like this as much as most people. I loved it! It’s probably my second favorite Marvel movie next to the Avengers. Everything about it was just oozing with fun. I think I have a copy of the film somewhere in my apartment. I’d love to see these guys with the Avengers!

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