Narnia: Prince Caspian – Disneycember

The story continues!

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I LOVE The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe. It was the first novel-length book I can ever remember reading. On the opposite side of the spectrum for my love for that book is the way I feel about the Prince Caspian novel. Aside from the grief and pain of the siblings arriving back in Narnia after 1,000+ years of being gone, there really isn’t any kind of emotional arc except Lucy’s faith conflict. I don’t remember the battles in the book very well at all, except that they happen. Lewis, I think, glossed over them because he was writing… Read more »

It would be cool if you did a review of The Voyage of The Dawn Treader, the third Narnia movie (there are seven books by the way). There are talks about making the Silver Chair. I hope that they do and they at the very least make The Magician’s Nephew, one of my favorite Narnia books. I can have my hopes and dreams.

Paige Corrigan
The funniest thing with the Narnia films is that not only did people not know about the other books but only people who have Googled it or read them know that the lion the witch and the wardrobe isn’t the start of the story The Magician’s Nephew is set before the events of the lion the witch and the wardrobe having the boy in this book be the professor and explaining the whole of the realm of Narnia. the magicians nephew did come out after the lion the witch and the wardrobe but in box sets of all the books… Read more »
Jesse McNeil

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