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  1. I thought this movie took the very obvious symbolic messages and made them more subtle. They’re still obvious, but reading as an adult the novel comes off as condescendingly obvious.

    There are little touches I enjoyed about this version, Queen Jadis being one of the largest improvements they made. Having read both the Magician’s Nephew and the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe before seeing the movie as a refresher, I thought Jadis seemed very flat and cardboard cutout, for a villain. Simple, black and white, not a lot of depth — this, along with the obviousness of the symbolism, seemed to me more an issue of audience. The books are for a very young audience, so I can’t really complain. Jadis in the movie, though, is a great adaptation, very faithful, but Tilda Swinton also brings a lot of gravity to the character. The first time she explodes at Edmond it’s genuinely intimidating, for instance.

    I also have to commend the costume designers and everyone else behind the decision to have Jadis ride into that final battle wearing Aslan’s mane (freshly cut from him the night before). From a character standpoint, that shows serious balls. It’s just so wicked.

  2. Man, I hate Narnia. They did fine with it, but the original is such heavy-handed religious ‘allegory’ and contains some very worrying imagery. Children slaughtering forest animals with medieval weapons? Lovely :/

  3. I did rather like this film, and still do. I like it better than the book – which in addition to being full of Biblical allegories was also Biblically vague – for the reasons you said, like the heart that was put into it.
    I agree about the point with Peter and how he was like Aragorn, though I got a bit more personality from both of them… they just didn’t feel like they were kings in any real way besides “they were supposed to be” which, while not fantastic character-wise, is very common in fantasy.
    The sequels aren’t quite as good, but well, I like this one.

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