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  1. Awesome, I’m glad you enjoyed this movie! I was a bit nervous for this one since your Vlogs on this didn’t seem very thrilled. At first I was upset that there weren’t many video game references near the second half of the film, but the more I watched the movie, the more I realized I loved the relationship between Ralph and Vanellope. I’ve always been a sucker for sort of the father/daughter relationship, even though the characters obviously weren’t so. The jokes in this movie were spot on and I really do like the ending moment where you have that sense of dread. For me, it’s one of my favorite movies and I’ll watch it again and again ^^

  2. Jane Lynch’s character is hilarious! I love her so much. Sarah Silverman, not so much. I really enjoyed it, despite the cliche 2nd Act Break Up, and the twist was perfect. It’s not a movie I’ll seek out, but if it’s on top of my que or coming on in a few minutes I’ll definitely make time to watch it.

  3. I found this movie grossly underwhelming when I saw it. I was expecting way better.

  4. I unfortunately got to the theater late and missed Paperman, but then I got to see it later online so it’s cool. This is absolutely a movie that I’d use for an in-costume late-night double feature with Scott Pilgrim.

  5. You know, I adored this film, but I do agree with Doug, and understand where he’s coming from. I feel that the movie does do them at a competent enough level that it can stand, but.. again, I can understand it. Now, if I may address one criticism that Doug didn’t mention, but I’m going to: that crappy pop-song forced into the film where Vanellope is learning to drive. “Shut Up and Drive.” That song was JARRING to me, and it still is!

    Still, it is a strong film for what it is, even if it can seem somewhat simplistic. And the first time I saw it.. uuugh.. I cried during the climax. Well, not really. I was biting back tears and stuffing so much popcorn in my mouth I’m amazed I didn’t choke. You know what part I’m talking about, too, if you enjoyed the film.

    • I’m convinced that John Lassetter made them throw that in because he hadn’t been able to work it into Cars 2 (due to lyrics implying that cars have drivers, which they don’t in the Cars films).

  6. Did you know that they’re making a sequel to this? It not only will explore console gaming and online gaming, but it also promises Mario and Tron as well.

  7. Am I the only one who still wants to see a full, Nostalgia Critic review for this movie? Am glad he checked it out, but I would really like to see a full-length review or commentary of this film. Really cute, one of my favorite CG Disney flicks!

  8. What is this Rodger Rabbit that Doug was Comparing it too?

  9. My issue with Wreck It Ralph was that it was advertised as being this story where a villain game jumps into a large number of other games where and instead we end up with this movie where he game jumps twice, once completely by accident, and we’re left in the racing game for half the movie. Personally, I hated Penelope. The voice, the way she acted as a character, everything about her was just simply terrible. Honestly, this movie wasn’t bad because of it being a bad movie, in fact it was a fine movie for what it was, but it was a bad movie simply because when they advertised it they left people believing one thing and then delivered another. That’s just shameful.

  10. When I went into this movie I thought I was going to hate it. However when I left I loved it. This was a great movie. One of the things I like best is that they didn’t use to many other video game character or Ralph going to all these different world get get respect in one. I’m glade they did that.

    Also the Part where Ralph has to be bad to Venellope, I love that part and I cry all the time.

  11. What’s the music that plays in the background in this review?

  12. Not gonna lie, this is in my top five favorite Disney Movies, along with Frozen, Lil and Stitch, Tarzan, and Beauty and the Beast. There’s just, nothing about it that I don’t like. One thing I really appreciate is how, despite how colorful and off the wall the environments are, the tone is pretty done to Earth and some of the ideas are actually really dark and morbid.

    Plus, it has easily my favorite Disney Villain Death.

  13. You talk about the great voice acting, but you don’t mention Alan Tudyk’s spot-on Ed Wynn impersonation?

  14. I do like this movie, but I do think it missed the mark in one key area. I am actually kind of glad the movie didn’t rely too much on videogame character cameos. I’m glad the writers decided to make a movie that rests on its own merits, and as much as I enjoy the occasional easter egg and cameo, I wouldn’t have liked to have seen the movie revolve too much around them.

    I do like the story, and the characters, but I was actually hoping to see more satire of videogame tropes. The one satire we got with the role reversal backstory of the female marine(whose name eludes me, because I only saw this movie once), is quite funny. I just wanted to see other tropes parodied or played up satirically. I like the candy humor, and the Oreo guards were fun, as well as the Disney Princess gag when Venelope is finally accepted into the game, but that’s not what I signed up for. Actually, now that you mention it Doug, the villain turning into a monster is a parody of final boss characters, and that trope is especially prevalent in rpgs, so I’m glad they included that, and I guess that makes two such gags. Again though, a couple more would have been nice.

  15. I can’t even think of one movie that has a scene where the friend has to hurt the other to try and protect them, name 5 examples of this so called cliche’ that we’ve seen a million times Doug… then I might agree with you.

    This movie actually made it to Nostalgia Chick’s top ten worst movies of 2012, but she never posted that video, refuses to explain why she thought so and says that we’ll never guess… whatever. I’m sure she didn’t want to get berated for an unpopular opinion.

    I watched this again on Blueray and I felt like it worked better in the theater. I still love this movie, but I’m more interested in seeing what part 2 will bring to the table. is it because they were catering to arcades even though they don’t hardly exist anymore? Maybe, or rather it doesn’t address more modern gaming, but then that wasn’t the point. Looking forward to the future.

  16. I actually really enjoyed this film. Though not my favourite Disney film, it does a really good job at telling its story, creating really nice characters, and making three different worlds all in different styles. The animation in the background when it comes to Ralph’s world, is actually one of my favourite because its so unbelievably simple and pixilated, that every character’s movements are fragmented and stopped, and when something happens, like the cake splatters or whatnot, its all squared and its just really neat. It also had a genuinely decent twist which is pretty rare in a Disney Film (Big Hero 6 I saw coming pretty quickly (although I still like that movie)) and it was pretty sweet seeing Sonic, if only for a second in the background. That “moping” scene that Nostalgia critic has issues with, I found actually really good, and found itself as an important plot point later on, tying the two events together, and the story told which made it happen was also really believable. Anyone who did not know what the villain did, or about his world, could have fallen for it. So in the end, 9 out of ten for me, I still can’t believe this wasn’t a pixar film to this day (although I thought NC already did a review on it, maybe it was just in sibling rivalry)

  17. I get annoyed with Doug’s hate of cliches. Where has the “good guy has to be bad” thing been done recently? I can’t think of any. It works so well in this movie because he’s the bad guy who wants to be good. That’s the thesis of the film!

  18. This Is a great movie and it’s one of my favorites. I like how they use forgotten video game characters like Q-bert and the original designs for characters, for example you see the kid from Dig Dug and the original Kid Icarus.

  19. I really enjoyed this movies and I’m glad that we finally have a good movie about video games, but I would have liked to see a movie like this where all or most of the main characters are actually from video games.

    Maybe something like the avengers but with video game characters, the main characters should be mario, lu bu, a ten star general, a female undead priest, the main character from shin megami tensei 4, and duck hunt dog.

    The villains would be a coalition of hogger, yuan shao, kamek, a ambitious vassal, and a medusa head, all controlled by the true villain: waluigi.

    Still wreck-it Ralph did have a Aerith lives joke so I should probably be happy with what i got.

  20. I have had this question ever since I first saw the movie and I must get an answer.

    Why is it that Vanellope was still glitching after they defeated King Candy and reset everyone else’s programming?

  21. The 2 main things about the movie that bothered me:
    1. Bad guys getting so much hate for doing their damn jobs which are vital to the games’ success.
    2. Vanellope just decides to stay glitchy. Um…how the hell does that work? The game was reset, shouldn’t she have to go into the data and alter it again?

  22. I know he’s only been in three of these Disney movies, but I’m starting to feel like Alan Tudyk is becoming the new John Ratzenberger if you will. I mean, in all of these Pixar films, you’d have John Ratzenberger, either as a supporting role or even in just a cameo: he was Ham in Toy Story, P.T Flea in A Bug’s Life, etc, etc.

    It’s not bad or anything, but I feel like that’s where Alan Tudyk is headed. He was in Wreck-It Ralph. He was in Frozen. He was in Big Hero 6

  23. I thought the climax on top of the mountain was very fitting, It looked and felt like a video game boss battle. A giant enemy in a large but blocked off space and the only way to do massive damage is to use the area around it.

  24. I don’t know, the art style and atmosphere in this movie was awesome but all these conspiracy plots and forced villains just turn me off instantly. Couldn’t the movie just tell Vanellope’s story as about someone who’s genuinely flawed or incapable in some way and show them achieve their dreams within their own limits instead of all this conspiracy nonsense? (Also the supporting characters who see Ralph as nothing more as the “bad guy” are just assholes. Only when they need Ralph they begin to miss him. :\)

    I wish Disney would take the Miyazaki/Bluth route and just tell stories about life and people.

  25. On the whole, I would say I like Wreck-it Ralph for nailing the heart-factor despite flubbing the brain-factor. I have a lot of hang-ups with the plot and wish they expanded on/changed some things to make the story more coherent and thought-out. Plot holes abound in the middle and some in the end, unlike Tangled which concentrated most of it’s plot holes to the start and then proceeded to run smooth like butter afterwards.

    But the casting is superb, the worlds are diverse and interesting and there is so much thought put into the physics of each game-world and I was never really bored when watching it. I likes it, I do.

  26. This movie was fantastic. The premise was really well done. The arcade hub really reminded me of the door hub from Monsters Inc., but with its own twist to it. Many of the things that are kinda weird about video games are incorporated into the story in many little ways or visualised in some really cool way. The electric wires are subways, and the characters actually see the inside of the screen when looking up into the night sky. To those who complain that the famous video game characters like Bowser, Pac-Man or Dr. Robotnik don’t get enough screen time, the main characters are actually clearly inspired by famous video games as well. Ralph is a little like DK, Felix is like Mario, the military chick with the dark backstory is like a parody of Samus Aran and the Candy Rush game is just like Mario Kart. It’s just really clever and really goes all-out with all these weird video game clichés we all know and love (or hate). It’s just brilliant and one of Disney’s finest.

  27. I love this movie, instant classic in my opinion. Cant get enough of it honestly

  28. I actually did not feel ripped off because I got to see Sonic, Bowser, Lara Croft, etc. glanced at briefly but still in ways that showed they understood the characters.

    What also sold it to me was not the specific and known licenses of video games as much as their clear understanding and respect for the tropes, aesthetics, and particulars of video games and video game culture. (The graffiti on the walls of the game station had me busting a gut when technically no verbal joke was said.)

    In the end, I did like it for it’s characters. I thought it was unique how they were almost archetypal representations of the genres and eras they originated from. Thus they brought those hang ups, sensibilities, priorities, and quirks from them.

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